Massage Therapy Training in Chicago

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Massage Therapy Training in Chicago

Posted on: November 29th, 2014

The opportunity to be a massage therapist can be fun and rewarding. You will get to meet interesting people and learn different massaging techniques. Massage therapy has been an increasingly popular health profession in the last ten years. Many are forgoing traditional colleges and universities to enroll in massage schools in the United States.

While you may think that a massage therapist only works with their hands, there are several administrative tasks that they must handle. Many massage therapists spend their free time scheduling new and current customers, billing the customers for their work, do minor housekeeping within the studio and market their business and services.

Now that you have determined that a career in massage therapy is right for you, you will have to find a school that fits your needs. Finding a suitable massage school may be difficult, if you have a certain aspect that you need within the school. Many people who look at massage schools desire a few things that will make them a guaranteed success.

If you are looking for a massage school in the city of Chicago, it is important that you make sure that the school is accredited with the state of Illinois. An accredited school means that you are getting the right courses based on state regulations. Also, a state accreditation allows you to seek financial aid from the state government, which may make it easier for you to attend school.

In addition to finding a massage school in Chicago that is accredited with the state, you have to look at the courses your desired schools offer. The courses that each school offers can be very different but equally important to you and your career trajectory. If you have no prior knowledge of massage therapy, you will have to find a school that offers every beginner course on massage therapy. Luckily, almost all massage schools in Chicago offer beginners courses such as anatomy, kinesiology, pain management, orthopedic techniques, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue and medical massage.

These courses will give you a better understanding of the industry and teach you how to be a successful massage therapist and provide exceptional care to your clients.

Massage therapy is a study within the medical industry, so you will be learning basic medical terms and techniques. You will learn the parts of the body, the muscles and nerves – all important aspects of massage therapy.

In a massage school in Chicago you will learn the basics and benefits of good posture. You will also be taught how to address your clients and help them with their individual concerns. A massage school in Chicago will give you the professional training you need to achieve your goal as a massage therapist.

Massage Schools in Chicago, Techniques and Professionalism

Posted on: November 21st, 2014

One of the best and highly rated massage schools located in Chicago, Illinois. This massage school teaches solid principals and brings to the student state of the art skill and knowledge of all the current massage techniques and treatments related to this successful alternative medical practice.

The teachings of this highly acclaimed massage school brings to you, the student, a powerhouse of staff who has years of experience and hands-on clinical experience. At the end of your course, we offer to you, the student many open doors of employment opportunities to help get your career on the road to success.

Some of the massage techniques you, the student learn are offered in a professional training environment and fast becoming more accepted by the medical field.

Acupressure teaches you how to apply light pressure with your fingers on key body points. Acupressure enhances overall health and lessens problems stemming from pain issues.

Many people seek the help of massage therapists to eliminate chronic pain and suffering stemming from various tissues that lies deep within the body. Massage therapists often times apply Deep Tissue Massage to people who experience long-standing problems.

Massage therapy techniques show successful results for those patients in chronic pain and discomfort. This alternative practice believes that the body is full of unique energy and according to scientific research found the body to be an electro-magnetic field. Energy Massage is one technique utilized by the massage therapist then helps to bring the energy of the body back in balance.

Often times if a person has developed a harsh surgical scar from a past operation this scar can interfere with the flow of the body’s energy. By applying a non-invasive heated laser, the scar begins to decrease in depth and size, opening up the body’s energy flow.

Kinesiology is an amazing technique the massage therapy student learns. This technique is the study of the movement of the body’s different muscles. Kinesiology can pinpoint many pending conditions, diseases and illnesses of the body far in advance of the medical doctor. The massage therapist, through Kinesiology can treat and eliminate many diseases, illnesses and health problems before allowed to gain a foothold in your life.

A well-known is if you eat a balanced diet every day you are ingesting all the vitamins and minerals the body requires to function properly. It also makes sense that you ingest a number of toxins in your body daily. One technique the massage therapist uses to eliminate dangerous toxins from the body is Lymphatic Massage. The therapist massages the lymphatic system deep within the body and this works to flush out harmful toxins from the body.

Since you are a special individual and are unique only to yourself, the massage therapist plans and designs a program only for you. The therapist will not use on your body some of the techniques they learned, because your body may not require the techniques of which there are numerous.

Some of the other therapies you, the student learns are Myofascial Therapies, Pregnancy Massage, Rocking and Shaking techniques, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Advance Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Longevity Massage and many more.

The thing to remember in your course of study at a Massage School Chicago is you will do the public a great service, complementing their primary care physician.

Compassionate Individuals Study at Massage School Chicago

Posted on: November 13th, 2014

If you feel that you are a very compassionate individual whose basic interest is helping other people while living a life that make parallel with most of your values and aspirations, then you should greatly consider an occupation in Health and Wellness Coaching or Clinical Massage Therapy.

A growing number of individuals are taking up a precautionary and preventive approach to health. Therefore, opportunities in this broad field are precisely projected to grow exponentially as more human beings are seeking Massage Therapy services in order to maintain an active and healthy life.

Become a Professional Therapist

There are a number of institutions or nationally accredited massage school in Chicago which offer various Massage therapy lessons and skills. Some of these institutions include:
•The Soma Institute.
•Cortiva Institute. etc

There are also different types of programs and lessons that you can choose from. They include:
•Clinical massage therapy program; As a Clinical Massage Therapist, students are equipped with traditional skills and are able to use natural techniques to help individuals treat their painful ailments, relax overworked muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, while promoting the body’s overall health.

•Health and wellness coaching program; this is a certificate program that takes fifteen weeks to complete. Wellness and Health coaches play a crucial role in aiding various clients in maintain motivation, establishing goals, remain accountable and finally focus on each of their successes while they change and manage their lifestyle.

•Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy; this is a very informative program which is offered at various learning institutions all year round. Many accredited massage school Chicago institutes offer the full advanced four hundred and fifty hour Massage Therapy Program.

Massage Techniques

Learn to massage professionally takes a lot of commitment, work, effort, and also years of experience and study. Massage programs and techniques are carefully crafted and designed to make learning considerably simple. According to basic fundamental doctrines of holistic approach and inner healing these courses prepares you to comprehend diverse body needs and necessities of your customers. The following are example of the various Massage Techniques that are in use around the world;

•Rocking & Shaking; this massage technique keeps the entire body in a continuous and uninterrupted rocking motion to evenly loosen joints while release tight muscles.
•Physiology; this is the study and maintenance of all body systems, such as the Immune and Digestive Systems. Certain massage techniques under this platform have been very successful, especially in the hospital set up.

•Energy Massage; incorporates a technique that psychologically balances the body’s energy. This procedure was founded on scientific information that relates the body’s physiology to an electro-magnetic field.

•Traditional Chinese Medicine; this is an ancient system that was practiced by the Chinese community very many years ago. The method sees the body from an energy perspective and it also formulates the basis for acupuncture. These types of classes are known as the Shiatsu or acupressure classes.

•Foot Reflexology; it is a foot relaxing massage practice that is believed to address various body feelings. Foot Reflexology is used because the whole body is directly influenced by the nerve systems in our feet.

Get an Education as a Massage Therapist in Chicago

Posted on: November 5th, 2014

Of the many types of massage from Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, sports, aroma therapy to foot reflexology, it’s important to learn them in qualified schools in order to obtain a certification to practice.

Your massage school Chicago may even offer the more exotic forms of massage: prenatal, lymphatic, Shiatsu, Thai or energy massage. Upon graduation, you’ll probably find that having an extensive understanding of massage techniques will be helpful in deciding what type or types of massage techniques you’ll use professionally.
Earn your certificate in as little as nine months or earn an Associate Degrees in two years. Learn how to use the power of touch to put an end to human suffering. Help alleviate chronic pain and restore medical, emotional and/or spiritual health. Learn body science in nine months along with the modalities of massage. In two years, go on to learn body science plus the business of massage as well as the Western and the Eastern modalities of massage.

The Main Difference between Western Massage and Eastern Massage

Western massage relieves muscle tension and promotes relaxation with strokes that include kneading or petrissage, gliding or effleurage, tapping or percussion, friction and vibration. The goal is to use anatomy and physiology to realign and restore the whole body. It often starts with one of three systems: the digestive, musculoskeletal and/or the nervous system.

Eastern massage soothes and stimulates meridian points creating effects that affect other sites on the body. This is done by exerting pressure and rocking and rolling the body as well as striking the body. This process is based on the balance of energy and the flow of energy throughout the body.

Examples of Western Massage

• Swiss Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Myofascial Release
• Sports Massage
• Soft Tissue Massage
• Trigger Point Therapy
• Western movement therapy includes Pilates, the Trager Approach, Hellerwork, the Alexander

Technique, and Feldenkrais.

Examples of Eastern Massage
• Shiatsu Massage
• Thai Massage
• Hand and Foot Reflexology
• Energy Work
• Rocking and Shaking
• Acupressure
• Eastern movement therapy involves the types of actions used in yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

The most popular Western Technique of massage is the Swiss massage. This massage lasts from 50 to 90 minutes and focuses on warming up muscle tissue to release tension and adhesions or tight muscle knots. Massage oil is usually applied to the skin to promote relaxation. When pressure is applied it may initially hurt but should lead to relaxed muscles free of tension.

The most common among the Eastern massage techniques is the shiatsu massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that seeks to restore the balance of energy in the body. It uses pressure points along the meridians along with stretching, breathing and rotating to improve the balance of energy.

The massage student is wise to learn the basics of all the Western and Eastern techniques and specialize in the techniques that they can master. You’ll more easily find employment at a spa, medical office, sports clinic or holistic center when you have a good grasp of your options. Your training may also lead to a growing private massage practice. Whatever avenue you select, the first step is getting an education as a massage therapist.