Techniques Taught at Massage School Chicago

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Techniques Taught at Massage School Chicago

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014

Those individuals who are interested in becoming a professional masseuse may be wondering what steps need to be taken in order to become licensed to perform such services in the state of Chicago. If you would like more information, perhaps consider doing your own research pertaining to massage school Chicago.

Overall, there are many programs available in the Chicago area that offer such certifications for those who wish to have a career in the massage industry. Many will have a nine hundred hour program that trains students in a variety of different massage techniques so that they can service a broad range of clientele effectively in their industry.

These massage techniques include anatomy, aromatherapy, acupressure, deep tissue, energy massage, foot reflexology, hot stone massage, kinesiology, lymphatic massage, among others.

Students will learn about anatomy in order to become familiar with various body parts, specifically skeletal and bone structures as these will be important when performing a massage.

Aromatherapy is a very common tactic used along with massage in order to help relax the client and also to promote better skin quality. Deep tissue instruction is useful for students to become knowledgeable in as this is a good technique to use with clients who have more long term issues with a certain area.

Energy massage technique is useful in order to help promote a balancing of energy in the client’s body and is backed by scientific research involving topics such as the electro-magnetic field subject.

Foot reflexology is a unique technique that can be applied when the client is experiencing issues with the foot; however, it is also said to help relax the entire body as the foot reflects what is going on elsewhere in the individual.

The hot stone massage technique is very popular with clients. This can be used in a stationary position where the heated stones are applied on various areas of the body or used along with oil in a gliding technique.

Massage school Chicago also teaches the technique of kinesiology, which involves studying how the body moves and which muscular structures are involved. This is helpful information to know in all massage techniques.

Lymphatic massage is a great technique for clients who wish for a detoxification process, as it is designed to remove toxins from the body.

Furthering a Career with Massage Therapy School Chicago

Posted on: September 15th, 2014

Massage training schools play an important role in massage education. Individuals in Chicago who are serious about becoming a well trained and licensed massage therapist should consider taking advantage of the unique training that is offered at massage therapy school Chicago.

One of the greatest benefits of attending a massage therapy school is the techniques that are taught. Education in a classroom setting, as well as personalized experience-based training are crucial in learning and mastering all of the different massage techniques that are out there.

One of the most common techniques used in massage therapy is deep tissue massage. This is a style that works on the deep layers of tissue found in the body. The deep level massage can often give relief to areas of pain or soreness. Deep tissue massage is often accompanied by Swedish massage techniques. This involves long rolling strokes of pressure that aid the recipient in physical and mental well-being.

Another common massage therapy technique is known as a Shiatsu massage. This is a style that traces its origin to Japan, using pressure from the fingers as well as whole body stretching in order to provide relaxation and relief from pain and stress. Other techniques includes the lymphatic massage. This type of massage specifically focuses on the lymph nodes, flushing out toxins that may collect in the body.

Learning the different massage techniques is important as many clients will request a wide variety of modalities. Being able to offer a myriad of techniques will help the therapist stay successful in a competitive market. Those who are looking for professional training and detailed education in the different techniques should consider a massage therapy school Chicago for all of their massage education needs. A quality education is key to success.

The Benefits of Professional Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago

Posted on: September 8th, 2014

Congratulations! You have made the decision to attend of the great massage therapy schools in Chicago. Performing massage is a great and rewarding career move. Massage methods are much more than simply rubbing your hands across someone’s back! There is a great variety of techniques that can be performed and each person may want to take specialty in one or more of the following areas.

Swedish Massage – When you think of “typical” massage, it is likely your mind will come to this one. Swedish massage combines oil and long strokes in order to promote relaxation and a healthier body.

Hot Stone Massage – Another popular form of massage. Aimed at relaxation, the performer will use hot stones combined with oil across the body in order to release tense muscles and provide overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage – Combining pressure and time to locate problem areas and thoroughly work them out.

Aromatherapy – Not so much of a typical technique but more of an aid. Aromatherapy can be used to enhance relaxation and in some cases improve the skin.

Acupressure – The process of applying pressure to points throughout the body that are known to knot up and contain stress. Applying pressure to these points (the same points used in acupuncture) is known to release this pressure and provide relief to the muscles in the surrounding area.

Pathology – Knowing the ailments that cause the issues you are working with is essential. This will allow you to target specific areas of the body based on the lifestyle and habits of the client.

Thai Massage – Thai Massage involves the process of incorporating yogic-type stretches of the body in order to enhance well-being and provide relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage – Pregnancy is hard on the body and massage during pregnancy can be a real benefit. However, one will want to take into consideration the specific positions and movements that should be avoided and encouraged in order to enhance the massage experience and benefit.

You will learn these and many more techniques while attending massage therapy schools in Chicago.

Using Massage School in Chicago to Build a Career

Posted on: September 1st, 2014

If you are preparing yourself for a fulfilling career, you may be interested in a massage school in Chicago. You can explore all of the possibilities that you can be taught in a very professional environment that will offer you a high-paying career and a flexible lifestyle. If you have an interest in holistic health and wellness, and if you enjoy helping other people you might just find that a massage school in Chicago is a great place to receive training.

Every student who enrolls in holistic massage training will study a very balanced curriculum with which they will have the opportunity to learn about anatomy, physiology, along with many massage and bodywork techniques. This is a good program that has students who complete the training leave with the skills that offer a fulfilling career. Some of the massage techniques:

*The Swedish technique
*Swiss techniques
*Thai Massage

These are only a few methods that you have the opportunity to learn. There are many techniques and services that you will be able to offer to your future clients.

Once you have gotten trained from a massage school, the door of opportunities will be opened for you to have an excellent career. A few places that offer employment:

*Rehabilitation Centers
*Cruise Ships
*Medical Clinics
*Offices for Workplace Massage
*Professional Massage Practices
*Amateur and Pro Sports
*Your own business

There are so many opportunities for anyone who has training in massage. These are only a few opportunities listed here. After you have started your training, you can begin to discover what specific area you would like to pursue. You will be very employable after your training.

If you choose massage therapy as your career, you ought to know that there are many people who are turning to massage therapy to relieve themselves of their aches and pains, among their other reasons. The need for massage school graduates continues to grow and be in high demand.