How can you Benefit Others with your Massage

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How can you Benefit Others with your Massage

Posted on: June 30th, 2014

If you always wanted to have a great impact in the lives of the people around you and to make them feel better, both mentally and physically, then you surely though of attending classes at  esthetician schools in Illinois so you can become a certified therapeutic massage therapist. There are countless benefits of a massage, here are some of them.

Improving the posture has to be one of the main reasons people get a massage, especially for those who have an office job where they have to sit down at a desk front of a screen all day. A massage will help relief some of the stress that the neck and the back are suffering from on a daily basis. This is why as a student at a massage school Chicago, one of the very first things you will learn is how to lift the stress and help with the relaxation of the muscles of the neck and the back.

A massage therapy school Chicago would also teach students how to use the massage in order to enhance the skin tone and the overall health of the clients. They can do that by using healing oils during the massage.

A good and a well applied massage can also enhance the calm of the mind. A massage does not only relax the muscles as it can relax the mind and give people the inner peace that they need to get away from the hectic and busy life they are living. This is why a massage can be good to the mental health as well as the physical health. Apart from the peace and calm, a massage can also increase the awareness.

Another benefit of massage, which is something that all students at any medical esthetics school Chicago would learn, is using the massage in order to improve the blood circulation in the massaged area. This can be pretty helpful for people who suffer from cold feet or arthritis among other things, because a massage can be easily tailored to fit the specific needs of the client.

It also promotes deeper breathing because short and shallow breaths over the course of the day will leave the person tired. On the other hand, deep breathing is much better for the overall health and will keep the person refreshed and able to work and be more alert for longer periods of time.

Massage also has a great affect on people who suffer from anxiety. Due to the stressful life we are leading these days, we are always anxious about something, whether it is work, family or about life in general. A massage can be quite helpful as it will help decrease the anxiety levels so people can have peace of mind.

These are only some of the benefits of a massage as it has plenty of other physical and mental benefits. This is why if you want to convey these benefits to the people around you, you should go to a massage school so you can learn how to do exactly that.


The Pros and Cons of becoming a Massage Therapist

Posted on: June 25th, 2014

I do not think that there is anyone out there who does not enjoy a good massage. It is therapeutic, relaxing and can make wonders to the human body. For some, it is actually necessary for the wellbeing of their health.

The growing acceptance and popularity of massage therapy as a form of alternative medicine is all around us. This is why there is a huge demand on CMTs (certified massage therapists). They can easily land a job at a spa, hospitals and chiropractic clinics as well as other places that relate directly to healthcare.

So if you are looking forward to capitalize on this and become a CMT, then the first step is to go to a massage therapy school so you can get the education and the certifications that you need to become a CMT so you can land the job of your dreams.


The Pros and Cons

Of course, like any other business, it is not all rainbows and butterflies, as there are two sides for everything. So before you apply at a massage therapy school in Chicago, Illinois, check the pros and cons of being a massage therapist and then decide if massage therapy is for you.


The pros are countless.

Compensation: The very first thing, which is the reason why many people pursue a career in massage therapy, is the money. Being a certified massage therapist is a very lucrative career of choice, and it is even better if you actually love what you are doing.

This is why if you love to help people and to have a positive impact in their lives, then this is a great way to earn money while doing it. This is why therapists who really enjoy it will never get bored or tired of the work.

Demand: Another thing is the great demand on CMTs these days, with the growing acceptance of massage therapy in both, the social and the medical community. This is why it can be pretty easy to land a great job with a great income just after graduating. You can find jobs at spas, parlor and hospitals.

Also, since a massage school Chicago would also include managerial courses, you can find a management job at these places as well if they are not hiring therapists. These are only a couple of things that would encourage anyone to become a therapist.

The cons.

Pain and injury: The obvious one is the pain and the injuries that a therapist can suffer from. This includes suffering from Carpal Tunnel in their wrists as well as back pain from the regular bending over to massage the clients. This can be a real problem. This is why at massage therapy schools in Chicago, Illinois, they teach students that it is essential not to stress and work for long periods of time, even if you feel you are capable, because over the course of time, it will have a disastrous effect on your hands and back.

Capital reserves: If you are thinking of opening your own business, you will need capital reserves and a knowledge base about business. This training is included in the massage program at Universal Spa Training Academy! Classes start in September.


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The Difference between Esthetics Schools in Illinois and other Schools

Posted on: June 20th, 2014

There are plenty of differences between a massage school Chicago and other schools, especially when it comes to the campus life that you can expect to experience there. This is because the students who attend classes at the massage school are very eager to learn everything that they can so they can be able to earn the skills and the knowledge they need to build a lucrative career in the massage therapy business field. So, unlike other schools, all of the students want to be there, so you will never see someone skipping class or forgetting to do an assignment, because all of that will have a negative effect on their career and future.

The ages of the people attending the classes are also quite different when compared to other schools. This is because the students include both, fresh high school graduates who want to pursue a career in massage therapy as well as older people who decided to make a change to their line of work to build a more successful career in the massage industry. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to see people in their forties attending the classes at esthetics schools in Illinois.

Also, by going to a massage therapy school, you have to know that there is a lot of work and assignments that will take place out of the campus. This is because of the practical nature of the business. No matter how much you have learned in theory, you will never be a successful therapist until you practice it with your hands. This is why are a lot of assignments that include going to affiliated spas, parlors or clinics where the students can get a hands-on education so they can become successful therapists. Of course, before the students apply their education on clients, they will first practice on each other, so they can see how it feels to get a massage as well as on the teachers. Giving massage to the teachers will enable the students to get an authentic and a professional feedback before they can take it to the next step and start massaging real clients.

Even the courses are different, besides the usual topics such as pathology, anatomy and physiology, students will learn to about the managerial side of the business as well as client handling. This is because an esthetics school Chicago aims to provide students with everything they need, and this does not only include applying a massage. This is because spas and clinics will need managers and not just therapists, and they would rather hire someone who knows what massage is. The managerial skills would also prove to be quite helpful for students who plan to open and run their own business some day. As for client handling, it is pretty essential because the key to success is repeat business, so you will have to handle the client well and build a relationship with him so he can come more than once.

Therapeutic Massage and What it Does to the Body

Posted on: June 12th, 2014

Massage therapy plays a great role in the lives of those who receive it, as it helps them relax, relieve the muscle pains, makes them more alert and decreases their anxiety and stress levels. Due to the great role of massage in people’s lives, nowadays, there are plenty of esthetician schools in Illinois that offer eager students the ability to become massage therapists so they can have a positive effect in people’s lives.

Different people view massage differently. For example, some people see massage as a way through which they can pamper themselves while others view massage as a way of relieving stress and to relax. There is another perception of massage, as some people take it like the serious matter it really is, they adopt massage as an alternative form of medicine that can cure a wide array of illnesses including some of the annoying chronic pains.

Ever since the emerge of therapeutic massage, it has caused a lot of controversy, and at times, it was ridiculed. This is not the case now, as the social and the medical communities are openly accepting it after it has shown its ability to cure many conditions and after it has shown how effective it can be in sports and other fields of life. Of course, not every muscle pain or body ache can be resolved by a massage. This is why students at any massage therapy school Chicago will have to attend a pathology course in order to be able to diagnose the different diseases and illnesses. This way, they will know when to use massage and when to refer the patient to another doctor.

This is why it is essential to only go to certified massage therapists who have a certificate from any medical esthetics school Chicago. This way, after they examine you, they can tell you what is wrong and whether they can fix it by a massage or if you need to go to another doctor.

Understanding What a Massage Is

In order for you to understand what massage is, it is essential to define it first. Everyone has his own perception and definition of a massage. The simplest and the commonly accepted understanding of a massage is the manipulation of the body and its muscles by hand in order to relax the body and relieve the tension between the muscles. The massage would also heal the connective tissues, the ligaments as well as speeding the blood flow in the era that was massaged. Some types of massages do not only include the hands as the masseuse can use other objects and tools in order to reach the goals of the therapy.

All of this shows that massage is for everyone, whether for athletes who suffer from sport related injuries or office workers who always suffer from stress and anxiety. If you want to be of help to these people, then attend courses at any of the esthetics schools in Illinois so you can get the knowledge you need to do so.

How to Succeed at a Massage School Chicago

Posted on: June 7th, 2014

If you have decided to go after your dreams and become a certified massage therapist and enrolled in one of the many esthetics schools in Illinois, then you have made a great decision because massage therapy is one of the most lucrative career choices there is. Attending at the school is only the first step, because you will still have to study hard and succeed and get good grades in order to graduate and be able to earn a certificate so you can land your dream job. Here are a few tips that will help you get high grades at the massage therapy school you are attending.

Never Skip a Class at a Massage Therapy School Chicago:

You should not skip any of the classes, this is because this is not high school, this is your dream and these courses are the only thing that will help you know what you need to know about massage therapy so you can create a great career for yourself. Whenever you miss a class, you will miss all of the valuable information that the teacher will give, the explanation for the homework, the informative class discussions and the assignments. Even if you manage to get someone’s notes about the class you have skipped, it will not be as informative as getting to from the source, the teacher.

Take Full Advantage of Your Time in the Class:

You have to be as effective and as interactive as you can be in the class. The time spent at class should be taken advantage of to the fullest. You have to set a goal in your mind, which is learning as much s possible from the class. This is because you are not just learning to pass an exam, but you are learning what massage therapy is so you can become a successful massage therapist one day. Also, try to be seated at the front of the class as this will help you in paying more attention during the class. Never be afraid to ask a question because the teachers are there to help you and teach you all what you need to know.

Manage your Time Wisely:

There are no limits for knowledge, but time on the other hand, is very limited. This is why you will need to manage your time very wisely so you can get as much knowledge as you can. This does not means that you should spend the entire day studying and learning because if you do that, your brain will eventually stop working from the stress. Managing time means that you divide your time between studying, sleeping, relaxing and having fun, the key to success is to balance these things and not overdoing one of them.

Be Prepared for the Tests:

When it is time for the exams at the esthetics school Chicago you are attending, studying and prepping yourself for the exam should be your priority. Do not study at the last day before the exams, but instead, divide the studying material over the course of days or even weeks before the exam so you do not get stressed in the last couple of days.

What a Massage Can do for the Human Body

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014

Many people are looking to build themselves a lucrative career, and in this day and age, one of the most lucrative career choices is becoming a medical massage therapist. With more and more people in the medical and in the social community are starting to accept and embrace massage, massage therapists are becoming a very hot commodity. This is why there are many esthetics schools in Illinois that are offering their services for those who are looking forward to take advantage and build themselves a career in the massage therapy industry.  There are many people who claim to be trained therapists out there, but most of them are not and they do not have the adequate education to provide clients with a relaxing and a well applied massage.

This is why most respected massage parlors or spas in Illinois will never hire someone who does not have a certification from esthetics schools in Illinois. This is because this certification means that the bearer has gotten the education he needs and that he has undergone all of the needed exams that are approved by the state board.

Massage therapy has a lot of benefits to the human body. For example, those who get massages on a regular basis end up being more alert and aware than the people who never get massages. These individuals are also more relaxed, from the inside and from the outside; they also tend to be more light and way less aggressive. This is why if you want to help people be relaxed and happy, then the first step is to apply and attend courses at a massage school Chicago so you can get to know the different techniques and skills needed so you can properly apply the massage to make people more relaxed and alert.

There are other countless benefits of a massage, as according to studies, a good massage will decrease the inclination towards anxiety and depression. As a result of the busy and the hectic life that we are leading, we can become very anxious and our anxiety levels might be a lot higher than we realize, this is why a good massage every now and the will help relief the stress and decrease the level of anxiety.

There are plenty of massage types, each type and technique is designed in order to deal with different things. In order to know what technique to use, you should go to a massage school Chicago. The school will not only teach you the different techniques and types of massages, but it will teach you a lot about the human body, its anatomy and physiology. This is because understanding how the muscles move is essential because a massage mainly deals with the muscles, so understanding the way they work will help you while applying the massage.

Not all body aches can be treated with a massage, this is why massage schools teach “pathology” which gives students the knowledge they need to know which aches can be treated with a massage and which ones cant.