What it Take to Be Accepted at a Massage school in Chicago?

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What it Take to Be Accepted at a Massage school in Chicago?

Posted on: May 26th, 2014

Nowadays, there are plenty of career fields in the industry of massage therapy that are easily accessible. So if you have what it takes to become a massage therapist, you shall find plenty of training and learning opportunities that will enable you to be a certified and a licensed therapist. These opportunities are offered to you through massage therapy schools in Chicago. They offer all of the knowledge and the hands on training that you need to become a well accredited therapist in order to build a stimulating and a lucrative career for yourself.

There is a huge demand on massage therapists; this is why you can find more than one massage school in Chicago.  Regardless of that fact, all of these schools have to operate as a business, and they have a reputation that they will have to uphold, this is why in order to make it in any esthetics school Chicago has to offer, you will have to appeal to them because they will only choose the best candidates so when they graduate, they will represent their school well so they can maximize their income. Here are some of the things that the schools will be looking for in it candidates.

One of the main things, which does not come as a real surprise, is that the schools will require proof that you have the academic capability in order to absorb the knowledge and the theories that you will be taught at the school. This is because the topics that are taught at the school are not in any way simple, as they include endocrinology, anatomy, and pathology as well as massage history, ethics and theories. This is why a high school diploma is the usual minimum requirement.

If you are looking forward to specialize in any type of massage, let us say, Indian Head Massage, you should go to a massage school Chicago that specializes in that. In order to be accepted, you will have to demonstrate that you have earned a certificate in massage therapy. This way, they know you have the general knowledge about massage therapy before specializing in Head Massage.

Other requirements include being well presented, to have good communication skills and a friendly personality. All three of these things have to be present in a therapeutic masseuse because you will build a close relationship with the clients, so you have to be talkative and able to reach out to the clients and really make the feel that you are concerned with their well being. For that exact same reason, most schools have a client handling course where the students will be taught how to deal with clients and how to make them feel that they are their number one priority. This is important because repeat business is what the massage industry is all about, so if you don’t build a base of repeat customers, you will not last long, whether you work as a private masseuse or work at a massage parlor or a spa

Massage Therapy- Between the Past and the Present

Posted on: May 22nd, 2014

Since the dawn of time and many ancient civilizations used and relied on massage therapy as a form of treatment for a lot of diseases. The massage therapists who performed this science were practical people who did not have any kinds of formal training, just a few tips and general knowledge that they learned from their elders, but nothing as fancy as going to a massage school.

A few decades ago, massage therapy was looked upon as a way people pamper themselves and to relax. So it was considered as a form of leisure and not a real medicine. This is not the case now, as massage therapy has come a very long way since then as massage therapy is now a certified and an accepted form of therapy in the medical community and in the public community. Now, massage therapists are well trained specialists who undergo a scientifically designed learning course that includes practical implementation as well as theatrical studies, just like any form of science.

Now, almost every sport’s team has to have its own massage therapist with it at all times to guarantee the wellness of its players. In fact, it is so accepted that it has a huge demand on it that there is a shortage in massage therapists.  This is why more and more massage therapy schools in Chicago are opening their doors for all massage enthusiasts who have the passion for it and want to pursue a career in this field.

Massage therapy depends on manipulating the body’s soft tissues. This can be done by pressure, taping, squeezing or by certain stroke patterns. This will result in the relaxation of the muscles which will relax spasms, cramps, knots and ease any muscle tension.

Most states nowadays, and some cities and counties have their own valid licensing system for massage therapists. For example, if a person in Chicago is looking forward to be a licensed and a certified therapist, he will have to pass the examinations of the board that is accredited by the federal govt. Although one can find a lot of information about massage therapy online, gaining the required knowledge to pass the exam and to be a superb massage therapist can only be done by attending courses at a massage school in Chicago.

Any massage school Chicago will offer an average of five-hundred hours of instruction that takes place in a classroom as well as supervised hands-on training. This hands-on training can take place within the premises of the medical esthetics school Chicago, or it can be in a massage parlor or a spa that is associated with the school.

The courses that the students will attend will teach them about the kinesiology, the pathology, the physiology and the anatomy of the human body before they can move on to the massage courses. The massage courses include massage history, the different massage techniques and strokes as well as ethics, nutrition and Treatment principles.

What will an Esthetics school Chicago Do for You?

Posted on: May 19th, 2014

The way the medical and the public community look at massage therapy has changed drastically over the past decade. Now, it is a science that is socially and medically accepted as more and more people are using it and actually preferring it to normal medicine because of its effect and its great ability to soothe the pain, or even treat it in various cases. This is why there is a great demand for certified and qualified massage professionals across the United States. If you have a passion for massage and want to capitalize on that consumer demand to build a lucrative career, then the best course of action is to apply at an esthetics school. Chicago has plenty certified and licensed schools that will provide you with what you are looking for. These schools will help you become a massage therapist by covering plenty of different topics.

The first one is “Massage Theories”, this is the heart of the massage therapy education. This topic will teach the students all about the basic theories for modern Swedish massage and this includes 6 basic strokes and techniques. The massage theories will also enable the students to know how the massage will affect the human body and how will it relax the muscles to relieve the pain.

Pathology is one of the topics that some students think that they don’t need it. Pathology is what helps the students identify the different diseases. This knowledge is quite essential because muscle pains can be caused by a variety of diseases, and not all of them can be cured by a massage. So armed with this knowledge, the students will be able to tell which pains can be cured by a massage and which ones can’t.

Another important topic that is taught at any massage school in Chicago is anatomy. This will enable the students to understand the anatomy of the body. This includes the cellular anatomy, the bone structure and the different organs.  Last but not least, the Kinesiology, which studies the muscles’ operation and how to they create movement. Understanding the operation of the muscles will help the students while working with the different conditions of the muscles.

Apart from the topics that are related to the medical side of the massage industry, good massage therapy schools in Chicago would offer the students other topics that are related to the business side of the massage industry. This includes the work ethics, because building a good relation with the client is one of the pillars of success in this business. This also includes client handling which will teach the students how to treat their clients, how to care for their needs and how to make them feel welcomed. This will encourage the clients to hire their services once again. Other topics will include management, which will expand the work field for the students as they will be no longer restricted to work as massage therapists as they can now join the management team of spas and massage parlors.



Becoming a Massage Therapist – A “How to Guide”

Posted on: May 9th, 2014

If you always wanted to pursue a career in the massage therapy field, then you must have the passion for massage therapy. In order to achieve that, you will have to go through a series of steps. If you have no clue what you should do in order to achieve your dream, then you have come to the right place. Here are the steps that you simply need to follow in order to become the massage therapist you always wanted to be.

The first step is to make sure you are up for the task. This is because being a massage therapist does not only involve being good with your hands, but you will have to be empathetic with your clients, patient and you also have to be very concerned about the holistic wellbeing of other people.

The second step is to understand that massage is an art and not just a career choice. Read about it, know about the different techniques, their uses and implementation.  You can do that by either conducting an online research or by talking to a massage therapist about it while getting a massage. This step will help you know what massage is and will allow you to know if it is for you or not.

The next step that follows this small research is choosing a specialty. There are plenty of different massage types that are taught in the different massage therapy schools in Chicago. For example, there is sports massage, Swedish massage, Reiki, acupressure, reflexology and clinical massage.

After doing that, it is time for the real work, which is getting certified. In order to be a certified massage therapist, you will have to take courses and pass the exams of a certified massage school in Chicago. The school has to be the bearer of the needed credentials by the state massage board. After finding the massage therapy school Chicago that fits your needs in terms of courses and training program, apply, study, succeed and graduate.

Following your gradation, it is time to face the real world. You will have to decide what you want to do with your career. You can decide to work for yourself and work as a private masseuse or if you can afford, you can start up your own business and open your own massage parlor. The other alternative is to work at a massage parlor. Even if you can’t find a job as a practical masseuse, you can always work in the managerial section because they would need someone who has good knowledge and background of the massage industry to the run the show. This is why a good massage school Chicago will not only teach its students the art of massage and the different massage related courses, as they it also teach them how to handle clients, and manage the business so it opens up a whole new set of working opportunities for them after they graduate from the school.

A How to Guide to Choosing Which Massage Therapy School to go to

Posted on: May 5th, 2014

Choosing the right esthetics school is not only the first step, but it is also the most important step on the path to become a great massage therapist. This is because the massage school that you will attend courses in is going to mold you into the massage therapist you are going to graduate to be and it will sharpen your massage therapy skills.

Throughout your stay at the massage therapy school Chicago, you will be taught the different techniques of massage therapy. This includes cross fiber massage, orthopedic, deep tissue, Thai and Swedish massage as well as neuromuscular massage. You will also be introducer to other aspects of massage such as massage therapy ethics, the equipment, kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and more. This is why in order to guarantee the quality of the education process, it is important to choose the best massage school in Chicago to attend courses in.

The first thing to look for is the state authorization of the massage school. Chicago is a big city, so you should find numerous authorized schools. A school that is authorizes by the state’s massage therapy board ensures you that when you graduate, you will be certified and authorized to work in this field in the state. You can easily pay a visit to the school and ask to check out their documentation to make sure that they comply with the mandated guidelines of the state.

The teaching staff is the second thing you should check. The massage therapy instructors will play a big role in shaping the kind of therapist you will graduate to be. This is why you must make the time to go to the school and have a chat with the instructors. You can also attend classes temporarily to see their techniques in teaching and see if it is suitable for you. The experience of the teaching staff is also of grave importance because if they have experience, then you will be able to tap into that experience and gain as much knowledge out of it.

The cost is also something you should put in mind, although the money that is paid to attend these courses is certainly worth it because it is quite a lucrative career line. Apart from the cost of the courses, the location of the medical esthetics school Chicago is also a factor to consider when estimating the cost, whether you are going to drive there or use public transportation.

The last thing, but not the least importance, is the courses. Different massage therapy schools in Chicago offer students different courses. Some of them might focus on certain massage techniques while others might focus on others. So make sure to check out the courses, the techniques before applying, so you can learn the things you are looking forward to. Also, hands-on training is an absolute must; this is why you should always choose a massage school that offers practical training and not only theoretical courses.


Take Full Advantage of your time at a Massage School in Chicago?

Posted on: May 2nd, 2014

If you are attending classes at one of the many massage therapy schools in Chicago, it means that you have a passion for massage therapy and that you want to graduate and become a member of the massage therapy industry. It is a bold and quite a smart decision. This is because massage therapy is now accepted both medically and socially, as opposed to how people looked at it a couple of decades back. Now there are massage therapy spas, parlors and more. It is also a great decision from a financial standpoint because building a career in the therapeutic massage industry can be quite lucrative.

Attending courses at a medical esthetics school Chicago is the first step in the road to become a certified and a successful massage therapist. This is why it is essential to get the absolute best out of your time at the school so you can grab the knowledge that you will need to be equipped with in order to be a successful massage therapist and the things you need to face the challenges that might arise. Some people might believe that they only need to attend and pass the courses, which is not true. There are hundreds of massage schools and each school has hundreds of students, but they do not all graduate to become successful therapists. This is because being a successful therapist requires passion and it requires you to pay attention and to get the best out of your time at the school, and not just to attend and pass the exams.

The first thing that will help you get the best out of the time spent at school is to focus only on your study, do not get involved in any drama that would steer you r attention away from the education and the training process at the school. The second thing is never to pass on an opportunity to give a massage. An esthetics school Chicago would not only offer theoretical courses as there are hands-on practical ones as well. At first, the students will massage each other or massage their teacher. This would allow them to get the hands-training that they need and to get feedback in a safe and a friendly environment. Getting a massage can also be quite helpful because it will give you the chance to experience what your clients will experience. This includes the physical and the emotional experience because a good massage can bring up a lot of the built up emotions that are buried deep in the subconscious.

The massage therapy school would also contain courses that will help you maintain your business and elevate it, from a managerial standpoint. Some students do not pay attention during these courses because they think they are there to learn about massage and not management. You have to understand that there are more to running a massage spa than the massage. You have to know how to handle the client, how to handle the staff and manage the establishment, if you want to be a successful one.