Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago Proving the Healing Touch

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Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago Proving the Healing Touch

Posted on: April 28th, 2014

There is no doubt about the fact that fitness and training are an essential aspect of many people’s lives. Unfortunately, the fitness lifestyle may carry some consequences with it. Some of the most common downfalls of fitness and training are injuries. Injuries are often inevitable, as intensified pressure and force can often be a combination for fractures, muscle pulls, hypertension, and many other types of issues. Therefore, a great percentage of the population will prospectively seek to receive treatment services to assist them towards recovery and healing.

As a great amount of injuries require surgery, many people do not choose to take that route. Surgery is often expensive, and isn’t always a guaranteed solution for one’s injurious issue. Many people often choose to receive therapeutic services to assist them with healing and stress-relieving. Therefore, the markets of massage therapy is constantly thriving in attaining several clients throughout the duration of their work schedules. A massage therapist can have a very prosperous career if they truly apply themselves to the basics of learning and training.

Massage therapy schools in Chicago are a sure way to enter the field of therapy. This is one of the most recommended routes for a prospective therapist to take, as they will be fully taught, trained, and provided with the proper credentials to venture through the many paths in the field. Massage Therapy schools in Chicago provide students with more than just an abundance of knowledge and training. They will also receive plenty of training in dealing with the issues many of their clients may be facing. Such empathy is needed in interactive businesses, and it is a great characteristic quality that isn’t necessarily taught to too many working individuals in today’s employment force.

Massage therapy school shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it is a place for truly grasping the fundamentals of human care, comforting, and providing hospitality. One will acquire many techniques and methods of massaging, as well as learning how to succeed and advance in the field. Some of the techniques the student will be learning are related to human anatomy, aromatherapy, acupressure, deep tissue, energy revival, kinesiology, pathology, and much more.

One should not be intimidated when pursuing their dreams of specializing in the field of massage therapy. The professors and trainers of Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago are highly qualified and certified to train each and every student in groups, and individually. Any student that enrolls in the program has the right to succeed, and the trainers will ensure that they do. All course routines incorporate an interactive learning process, as well as learning in a lecture environment. A prospective student can take a tour of the schools to gain the confidence and trust they need prior to beginning their venture of attaining one of the most respectable and sought after certifications. Athletic will always be relevant in our society, therefore, therapy will always be in demand. As a matter of fact, clients of massage therapists are all kinds of different people, as everyone wants to indulge in the relaxing lifestyle every once in a while. The massage therapy field will always be a stable and demanded career choice.

Types of Massage Skills Learned at a Massage School in Chicago

Posted on: April 25th, 2014

High quality massage therapy training is very important, and if you’d like to learn massage and turn it into a rewarding career, there has not been a better time to begin the education. With a large number of people pursuing a career in massage therapy every year, the demand for certified, skilled massage therapists from reputable, professional schools like massage school in Chicago is increasing tremendously each year.
Massage Training Schools

There are a number of factors which should be considered when choosing a massage therapy school or institution, including the school’s reputation, the type of massage therapy training the school offers offered, and the duration of its training program. By carefully considering these issues, you can choose schools which meet your needs, and you will have a more rewarding experience. Like other institutions which offer trade and technical training, massage school should be considered as an investment which requires proper research.

Types of Massage

Massage is a healing modality that has been practiced for several thousand years. There are many different massage techniques available today. Before selecting a massage school in Chicago, prospective students should decide on what type of massage they want to learn. Students may also decide to cross-train in several techniques in order to have more clients. Here are some of the most common types of massage:

Swedish Massage – This technique is designed specially to relax the muscles. It involves applying pressure on the bones and muscles, thereby enhancing the oxygen flow and elevating the process of elimination of toxins. The Swedish massage also helps in getting rid of lactic, uric acid and many other toxins from the body tissues. By using this massage, the tendons and ligaments become more flexible. The Swedish massage is an effective therapy which helps to maintain overall wellbeing.

Reflexology – This massage therapy works at the imbalances in the hands and feet. By working on specific points at the hands and the feet, the blockages are released, restoring free flow of energy in specific parts of the body. This massage training helps in detoxification of blood, blood circulation and aids proper nerve functioning. Reflexology is great for revitalizing the entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage – This massage therapy aims at relieving pain and discomfort. Students who take this training program will be able to understand and locate their client’s trigger points and pain patterns, and then determine areas where application of pressure is required. Deep tissue massage helps to release tension from the body tissues which are the reason for the pain.

Shiatsu Massage – This type of massage involves applying medium to strong pressure on different areas of the body. Using the elbows, palms, fingers and thumbs, pressure is applied on various points to stimulate the tissues and the nerves. This helps to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia and other conditions.


Learning the art of massage at a massage school in Chicago can be very rewarding, but it is important to be sure you choose an accredited and reputable school. There are recognized, accredited programs that provide a comprehensive education and training in massage therapy. To learn the art of massage therapy, hands-on training is required. By choosing a good school, you will be able to learn different massage techniques and how to address the specific needs of your clients.



Receiving Healing Training at a Medical Esthetics School Chicago

Posted on: April 21st, 2014

Medical Esthetics provides relaxation, skin beautification, and pain relief, with the help of medical knowledge. Massage therapy is a branch of medical esthetics. Massage therapy brings oxygen to body tissues to enhance circulation. It decreases the tension in muscles and joints and improves flexibility.

Massage therapists endeavor to increase the well-being of their clients by the use of touch. They massage the body to stop pain, hasten recovery from illness or injury, decrease stress, promote relaxation, and stimulate circulation.

People get massage therapy for many reasons:

• Back pains
• Arthritis
• Stress relief
• Migraines
• Muscle strains
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Circulatory problems

There are more than 60 different massage specialties to choose from. Sports massage, acupressure, and neuromuscular massage are just a few of the many modalities of massage therapy. Therapists use strokes ranging the length of a body part, while others use quick strokes with a cupped or closed hand.


In Chicago, massage therapists are generally required to complete a 500 hour program of education, which include classroom study as well as hands-on experience.


Standards and requirements vary from state to state, but Illinois law requires massage therapists to be certified and pass a licensing exam.

There are several regionally-accredited medical esthetics schools in or near Chicago that offer training in massage therapy. The massage therapy program prepares a candidate work in a variety of venues, including spas, sports therapy clinics, medical offices, and holistic health centers.

A medical esthetics school Chicago will provide skills-focused training, and generally offer a choice of two massage therapy programs:

• A certificate program that provides full massage training and gets you out to start working in under a year.
• A two-year A.A. Degree program that builds on the certificate program and includes such courses as business development, clinical studies, and advanced massage paradigms.

No matter which program you choose, you will be placed in a clinical setting to prepare you for the real-world experience, to make sure your education is cutting edge and relevant to the current job market.

Currently under Illinois law, each city or county institutes its own regulations for massage therapy, usually about 500 hours, but many employers require more.

Most schools in the Chicago area include the following benefits:

• Nine- month program
• Hands-on experience
• Financial Aid
• Career Placement

If you have decided a career in massage therapy is right for you, your first priority should be finding an accredited school in Chicago, to begin your studies. There are a number of factors you will need to consider before choosing a massage school. Doing research on massage schools and massage requirements in your area will ensure you get the best massage training.

Remember, becoming a massage therapist takes a unique individual. In Chicago, this is a hands-on program. When you work in this industry, you become an essential part of your client’s well-being. You are one of the caregivers who are helping them to recuperate and recover their former state of health and well-being

Types of Massage Therapy Training at an Esthetics School Chicago

Posted on: April 18th, 2014

To be masterful at the art of massage, it may take years of effort and work, including studying and hands-on experience. Esthetics school Chicago for massage can cut the time needed by helping you learn the valuable and important techniques needed to be a masseuse.

The basic principles of massage include a holistic approach to inner well-being and healing, and understanding the needs and reactions to different bodies. Learning these fundamental skills will allow you to accomplish these goals.

Below are lists of massage techniques that can be used.

Anatomy: studying various body parts in relation to each other, with emphasis on bone and muscle tissues.

Acupressure: Not to be confused with acupuncture, acupressure uses the fingers to apply gentle pressure on certain areas of the body that traditional acupuncture would target.

Aromatherapy: Using a variety of plants to extract their oils, this therapy help with relaxation and be beneficial to the skin.

Deep Tissue: This technique is generally used on parts of the body that have had long-term pain and problems, and focuses on deeper tissue layers to resolve the pain.

Energy Massage: Understanding the electro-magnetic characteristics of the human body, the energy massage applies scientific principles to help balance the body’s energy.

Foot Reflexology: This foot massage has emphasis on relaxing the feet, seeing as relaxing the feet may help soothe the entire body.

Hot Stone Massage: These hot stones can be used with oil to slide across the body or can be stationery to apply heat to problem areas.

Kinesiology: Kinesiology is similar to anatomy, with an increased emphasis on body movements in relations to individual muscles and muscle groupings.

Lymphatic Massage: This massage will extract toxins from the body.

Pathology: Researching and studying the abnormalities, and various illnesses of the human body.

Myofascial Therapies: This therapy uses a more advanced massage technique to target major areas of the body in between the skin and muscles, including the neck, back shoulders and similar areas.

Physiology: Physiology pertains to the study of individual body systems such as the Nervous or Digestive Systems.

Pregnancy Massage: A massage pertaining to the needs of a pregnant woman as to not cause discomfort or more severe problems.

Rocking & Shaking: This technique is used for loosening joints and problem muscles by keeping the body in a state of motion.

Shiatsu: This massage technique is performed on the floor with the use of a mat and oil, to apply pressure and stretch the skin with the fingers.

Sports Massage: This massage is catered to athletic people to groom them for better performance, and to more quickly recover them injury.

Swedish: This massage emphasizes on long, fluid strokes using oil to accomplish well-being and relaxation.

Thai Massage: A traditional massage with emphasis a yoga stretches.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: This system forms the basis of acupuncture, by observing the body as an energy based form.

An Esthetics School Chicago location would be a wise choice to learn this valuable art, and to be able to practice and apply these various techniques in a suitable environment.

Preparing for a Massage Therapist Career

Posted on: April 15th, 2014

When an individual wants to pursue a career in massage therapy, one of the first things that they will need to do is to research this field of study to see what it encompasses. From identifying the environment that a massage therapist works in to selecting a massage therapist school and program for the proper training, there are a lot of things that will need to be researched prior to choosing this job as a career. Listed below are some of the top areas of interest that can be found on the Internet.

Massage Therapist and Work Environment

Massage therapists work in a wide diversity of settings, private and public. Based on their clientele and their preferences, they may be seen working in fitness centers, hospitals, private offices, and spas. Also, according to the client’s needs, they may also travel to their clients’ homes or their offices to perform the type of massage that they may prefer.

Duties and Responsibilities

When an individual becomes a massage therapist, they are required to perform numerous kinds of duties and responsibilities. For those who take their jobs and their craft seriously, they will arrive on time whenever they are needed. Since time is money, the amount of money that they earn is often based on how well that they can manage their time. Since these activities are paid by the hour, they must be available to perform a massage on time and then leave for the next appointment as soon as they are complete. The type of massage therapy needed will depend on what the massage therapy is needed for. For instance, this therapy can be used for manipulating soft touch muscles in the body. Which means, clients may request the therapy for many different purposes including relieving stress, improving their circulation, rehabilitating injuries and helping individuals to relax. Many times an individual may request massage therapy for their overall well-being.

Average Salaries and Outlook

The national average for massage therapists pay was approximately $36,000 in May 2012. Additionally, the outlook for this position is very promising, as it has a projected growth of 23% between the years of 2012 -2022. Therefore, people who are considering this career as a viable option will find out that the field that they have chosen looks very attractive.

Job Outlook

Employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 23 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Continued growth in the demand for massage services will lead to new openings for massage therapists.

Massage therapy school Chicago Training Programs

Once the individual has made a decision, they should look for school in the Chicago area that will provide them with the training that’s needed.

Massage Therapy School Chicago Training Programs

Massage Therapy School Chicago Training Programs can be found in many different areas within the city. Before signing up, it is essential for each individual to review and understand the requirements for the Chicago area. Since the program requirements will vary from one state to another, the individual will need to find the specific requirements that they must adhere to. The individual will also need to know more than one massage technique so it is important to find an affordable and accredited program that will teach a diversity of massage techniques including aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, energy massage, hot stone massage, lymphatic massage and the Swedish massage. All of which and more can be learned via courses that will provide theory as well as hands on experience.

A Career in Massage Therapy at a Massage School Chicago

Posted on: April 7th, 2014

There are many advantages to selection a career in massage therapy. Professional massage therapy is both a rewarding career, and is a growing profession. There are many possibilities for employment. Also, a career in massage therapy is a healthcare and helping profession. A massage therapy education trains students to help clients achieve a good mind body state.

Embarking on a career of massage therapy, the first step is to find the best possible school and acquire excellent training. A potential student should look at a variety of massage educational institutions. One example of a massage education institution is the Universal Spa Training Academy massage school Chicago. There are options in the Chicago area for a student to be trained and educated in massage therapy. Potential massage therapy students should look at the Steiner Educational Group (SEG), The SEG operates massage therapy schools. There are several locations Chicago.

The SEG is accredited by Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). COMTA accredits massage therapy institutions both educational and clinics. COMTA is the accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. It is their role to set the standards for accreditation and assure the quality of the education. Schools like the Steiner Educational Group are accredited by COMTA and that means that they qualify for federal student aid.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. In Chicago SEG have specific financial aid packages. Students need only apply. Students may have difficulty with the fees and living expenses during their education. Financial aid can help with both fees and living expenses.

The Chicago SEG provides the highest quality training and education. The training is hands-on training. Students will learn the massage therapy techniques. There are a variety of massage therapy techniques which require that students understand the body and the needs of clients. Different clients will benefit from various massage therapy techniques.

In the Universal Spa Training Academy massage school Chicago, students will have the opportunity to train on real people. As part of the education, students use the techniques that they are learning and apply these massage therapy techniques to real people. For example, some clients have specific medical problems such as a sore shoulder. The student learns techniques to reduce the pain from the shoulder. These are specific physical problems. For many clients with pain, massage therapy has provided a significant reduction in pain. Reducing pain also improves the quality of life for those clients.

Also, some clients have a great deal of stress in their lives. They come for a massage to relax their body and their mind. Students will learn special techniques to help clients deal with stress. These techniques provide a meditative massage therapy. The environment is important to help the client begin the process of reducing stress. The environment can be spectacular such as lying on the beach. Another comforting environment is a closed quiet room. The room can have a sensual smell and calming music. Another environment for massage therapy is on the sea. Cruise ships offer massage therapy to their travelers. Massage is good for the mind and the body.

What do you get by going to a Massage Therapy School in Chicago?

Posted on: April 2nd, 2014

If you are thinking of joining a massage therapy school in Chicago but don’t know what you will get in return, you are not alone. There are many things that one can learn at massage schools, in fact, one cannot be a certified massage therapist without going to one of these schools. If you are a resident of Chicago, you will find plenty of massage schools you can attend courses in. These schools will provide you with the particular knowledge that you need to know about the anatomy of the human body. This is because understanding how the body works is essential to therapeutic massage. Primarily it will help the masseuse in managing the damage that happens to the muscle tissue as well as how to relax the muscles and relieve the pain.

Apart from the structure of the body, students will also learn a lot of tips on how to relieve the different ailments. They will also know more about the laws, the legal guidelines and the policies about their field of work which will help them know what they need in order to be certified.

Massage therapy schools in Chicago are going to allow students to work side by side with experts. These experienced teachers have a lot to share; they are an invaluable resource for information. This is because they have been working in the massage field for many years before they started teaching at a massage therapy school Chicago. So make sure to take full advantage of that resource by watching them work and always asking them for advice and tips on how to enhance your massage. Also, whenever you come across any problems or have any concerns, you can go to them and ask for help.

There is also the hands-on application, which is even more important than the theoretical studies. Students who attend courses at any massage school in Chicago will have the chance to practice what they learn with their own hands. This gives them the hands-on experience and training that they need to implement what they have learned.

At first, they will use their hand in order to massage fellow students and teachers. The teachers will then give them feedback about their massage and give them a few tips on how to enhance it. The next step would be practicing the massage on real clients. This can be done within the perimeter of the school or at associated massage parlors or spas.  This enables students to interact with clients and to experience a real massage to prepare them for the work environment when they graduate.

All of this shows that  going to a massage school Chicago can be very beneficial for students who have a passion for massage as it can help them launch a successful career in that line of work. So if you are planning to enter that lucrative field, then you better start looking for the nearest massage school and apply there.