Learning Thai Massage at a Massage School in Chicago

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Learning Thai Massage at a Massage School in Chicago

Posted on: March 31st, 2014

Everyone knows that a massage is the best way that helps us in coping with the stressful life that we have to endure these days. This is why, nowadays, there is a great demand on massage, especially Thai Massage. This is because Thai massage is known for being one of the most affordable massage types as it does not cost a lot. Some people want to relax by going on an expensive vacation and others like to go shopping to relieve stress, but these things are costly and cannot be squeezed in every month’s budget. On the other hand a Thai Massage can be easily squeezed into the monthly budget.

The Benefits of a Thai Massage

A Thai massage basically encompasses all of the parts of the human body, from your head down to your feet. Thai massage therapy does not only help people relax and relieve stress as it can also heal some of the aches and the chronic pains that many people have. Besides that, a Thai massage can also be quite beneficial to one’s mental well being. A Thai massage will also detoxify the human body which will result in enhancing its immune system which will help increase the circulation of the blood and it also lowers the blood pressure.

Other than that, Thai massage will improve the posture and the body’s’ overall equilibrium. This is why it is not a surprise why this kind of massage is quite popular and it is amongst the favored types of massages around the world by millions and millions of people.

Why Learning Thai Massage at a massage school is Essential?

Due to the great popularity of Thai massages, there are a lot of massage therapy schools in Chicago that offer Thai massage courses. Customers understand that Thai massage that is implemented by untrained and uncertified masseuses can be quite dangerous. This is because a Thai massage will work on the muscles and the tissues and any wrong stimulation can cause damage and more pain. This is why no massage parlors or spas will hire an uncertified Thai masseuse and the only way to get certified is to go and attend courses at a massage school in Chicago.

Students that are passionate about health care that go to any medical esthetics school Chicago has to offer to learn Thai massage will find two different courses. The first one that they can find at a massage therapy school Chicago is General Thai massage and the other one is Therapeutic and Healing Massage. The first will teach students about the right positions of the masseuse, the ethics, cautions and the rules of Thai massage, this is why it is called the general course. As for the other one, it teaches the students how to cure well over eighty different kinds of body aches such as a muscle sprain, a stiff neck, muscle cramps and low back pain among others.


The Four Main Things to Look for in a Massage School in Chicago

Posted on: March 24th, 2014

If the idea of becoming a massage therapist crossed your mind and you decided to do something serious about it, the first step is to start thinking about attending courses at a massage school. Chicago has lots of certified schools that you can pick from. A massage school will enable you to learn all of the techniques and the information that you need to become a great massage therapist and to succeed in your career. Although there are many massage therapy schools in Chicago, which is a good thing, it can make it a bit confusing because there are so many choices. There are four the main aspects you should put into consideration when choosing which massage therapy school Chicago to go to.

1- The Licensing Requirements:

Before choosing any massage school, you have to make sure to look at the different licensing requirements and make sure that the school meets them. This guarantees you that after you study hard and graduate, you will have the needed legal certificates so you can easily land a job in the city you live in.

2- The Expenses:

You will have to see the overall cost of the massage school, putting in mind the intuition, the rent and the books. Most of the massage therapy schools in Chicago are privately own and ran, and this is why the costs can be great when compared to other schools. You have to ask if you can pay for each course alone and the prices for the levels that the school offers. You should also check if the school has any financial aid programs

3- Practical Courses are a Must:

You have to check out the kind of courses that the massage school is offering. Check if they offer any hands-on training because it is the best way that will help prepare you for the real world. A good school would offer you both, theoretical and practical courses in which you can use your hands and practice what you have been studying in the books. No matter how hard you study, massage is a practical science, so to fully understand it, you would have to try it out with your own hands.

4- The Curriculum:

There are many types of massaging techniques out there and this is why you will have to make sure that the school you chose teaches the techniques you want to learn. Apart from the massage techniques, you should check the courses that are taught there and make sure that it covers everything.

While looking for these aspects, you have to keep in mind that the education and training type that you will get will prepare you for the rest of your career and choosing a good massage school can make all the difference for it. So take your time and choose the most suitable massage school so you can have a successful career.


Being a Massage Therapist- Pros and Cons

Posted on: March 21st, 2014

Many people have the passion for massage therapy and they dream of going to a massage school in Chicago in order to acquire the needed licenses and certifications so they can shift from regular employment and run a home based business that is the trend around the world these days. It is a fact that thousands of people from across the globe have left their day jobs and took courses at a medical esthetics school. Chicago is filled with these schools and this is why there are many massage therapists in the city.

Like any business decision in the world, it has its pros and cons. So before you go and leave your job and take a course at any of the massage therapy schools in Chicago, check out the pros and cons of that decision.

The Pros:

There is no doubt that at the top of the list comes the fact that it is a home based business so you will be in total control of your time, and decide when you want to work and when you need to rest. Of course, this is only applicable if you work on your own and not at a massage parlor where you will have to work for specific hours.

Secondly, another popular reason that encourages many people to enter that field of work is the high income that it can produce. This can happen if you make sure you do your job right by having an amiable personality as well as having great massage skills. As for the techniques and the other things that you will need to learn, you will have to go to a massage school. Chicago has many of them, so you should not face a hard time trying to find a massage school near you that will provide you with what you are looking for.

Another advantage is that with the great demand on massage therapists these days, even if you can’t afford opening up your own business, you can find plenty of job opportunities working at spas or massage parlor, as long as you have the necessary certificates.

Lastly, being a massage therapist enables you to meet people from all walks of life. Many people like to strike a conversation during the massage and that will help you know more about your clients and form an intimate relationship with them.

The Cons:

There are no real disadvantages of becoming a massage therapist, one of the things that might come close to being a disadvantage is that you will use your hands all the time which can be quite tiring.

The second thing is that you will need to have a large amount of money if you are thinking of opening up your own business and work for yourself.

Lastly, attending courses at a massage school in Chicago can be quite expensive, and it is necessary if you want to be a certified massage therapist to open your own business or work at any spa or a massage parlor.


How to Become a Massage Therapist in Five Simple Steps

Posted on: March 10th, 2014

If you feel that you are good with your hands and that you want to become a massage therapists and you don’t know where to start, here is a simple guide for you that will show you how to do that in 5 simple steps:

1) Know if your heart is in the right place:

You might be talented with your hands, but are you empathetic and patient, this is because massage therapy is not only about using your hands, but you will have to care for your patients as it is a very intimate experience.

2) Know more about the Art of Massage and choose a Specialty:

The art of massage is a huge one, bigger than you can imagine as there are many techniques, massage purposes, schools and more. So it is important to read more about the art and choose a specialty. For example, there is sports massage which is designed to aid athletics in recovering from their injures on the field. There is also Clinical Massage which uses massage in order to heal different physical ailments. These are only two of the many massage types and techniques available.

3) Getting Licensed and Certified:

The best way to do that is by researching it and seeing how you can meet the licensing requirements of your jurisdiction.  This way, you know the kind of courses and training that you need to take so you can become a licensed therapist.

The next step would to find the suitable massage training program that will fit your needs. If you live in Chicago, there are many massage therapy schools in Chicago that you can choose from. All what you have to do is check their program, the courses they have and what massage types do they teach. You also have to make sure that the massage school Chicago that you picked meets the standards and the regulations of your jurisdiction so when you graduate, you will have the certificates that you need to work in that field. You can search for the suitable massage school in Chicago online or you can ask any therapists you know about their recommendations. You also have to put in mind your budget because the costs for the programs can be quite expensive, so make sure to put that into consideration while choosing which esthetics school Chicago to go to.

4) Graduating from the School:

Studying hard, listening to your teachers and taking advantage of every learning opportunity while you are there until you pass the exams and graduate.

5) Looking for a Job or opening your Business:

In the past, almost all massage therapists used to work for themselves and have their own business, this was due to the fact that there were not good paying jobs in that line of work. Now, there are many jobs with great salaries. So if you cannot afford opening up your own massage parlor, you can always consider looking for a job. If you are licensed and certified and attended courses in a well reputed massage school in Chicago, you should not face any difficulties landing a job.

How Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago Prepare you for Work

Posted on: March 8th, 2014

A massage therapy school in Chicago will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful masseuse and to be able to land a job or open up your own business. Some people believe that these schools will only teach them about the techniques of the trade, the different massage types and how to relieve pain. This is true, but that is not all what schools can offer, because these schools will prepare its students  for the work environment and in order to do that, it will have to teach them much more than just the theories of massage and the techniques of massage.

The Management

Massage therapy schools in Chicago will teach the students the managerial side of the business. This is because at spas and massage parlors, there are many other job opportunities other than being a masseuse. These facilities need managers and staff members and of course, they would rather hire someone who has knowledge of the business rather than someone who is oblivious about massage. It can also be quite beneficial to people who want to open up their own business as it will help them manage the place and manage their employees so their business can become more successful.

The Client Handling

Apart from the management, a massage school in Chicago will also teach its students a lot about “client handling”. Client handling is a term that is used to describe all of the interaction with the clients apart from the hands on massage. The interaction between the masseuse and the client will be face to face during the appointment or it can be through the phone, through email or a text message. Client handling will teach students how to interact with the clients in the best way in order to build an intimate relation with them so they can come back once again. This is essential to the success of their career because massage is all about repeat customers, so if you do not have a loyal base of regular customers, things will not go so well for you.

Client handling is all about customer service, it teaches you how to pay attention to every detail and listen to everything the client is saying, even if it is not related to the massage. You have to adopt a client centered attitude which means that the client comes first and he gets 100% of your attention. You should always have your room organized and prepared for the massage, you also have to figure out what the client wants and needs from the massage session and to be attentive and well tuned to the client’s body during the massage.

Another important part of the client handling courses shows students that they have to make sure that the client is completely comfortable in the massage environment. This will make him feel secure and he will always come for more massage sessions. This is why client handling is one of the most important topics that are covered by almost every esthetics school Chicago has to offer.