Three easy steps when looking into a Medical Esthetics School Chicago.

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Three easy steps when looking into a Medical Esthetics School Chicago.

Posted on: February 28th, 2014

Do you consider yourself to have a niche for modern beauty? Would you like to help people fulfill their everyday beauty needs? If so, then maybe pursuing a career in medical esthetics school Chicago is right for you. So now that you have made your decision, what is next?

Well, like most professions, one might need to look into a certification process. There are plenty of medical aesthetics schools in the United States. Searching for the right one in your area could be as easy as a simple Google Search. When looking for a program in your area it is very important to do your research on the program. Here are three tips to look for when looking into a medical esthetics school Chicago.

1. Accreditation is important!

Look in to the type of accreditation the school has to offer. You do not want to be fooled into a program with false or a not up to date accreditation record.

2. Research what exactly the program has to offer.

Have in mind that your average medical esthetics school Chicago requires roughly 600 hours of class work. So make sure that the school you choose is right for you in regards to the quality of instruction that is given. Go ahead and look up the qualifications of the instructors of the school. The schools website should have information about the instructors, and the many qualifications that they should have.

While you are doing your research, look into what the school has to offer as far as how the program is actually run. What will you be learning and the technology that is used? This is a very important due to the nature of your work. You will probably be having hands on experience within the field. You are paying good money for quality education, so make sure you are getting your bang for your buck.

3. Be ready to learn.

Medical esthetics school Chicago is just like any school, so be prepared to work. The goal of the program is to prepare you for the state board exam, and most likely they want you to succeed. So ready yourself to put yourself in the best position possibly for success. Give your self-time to study at least two hours a night. Also, be attentive in class and ask questions if needed. AS I said before, the instructors are there to help you succeed, and watch you grow into the profession. So put on your thinking caps and get ready for an exciting education ride.

Now I hope you take these tips into consideration when looking into a medical aesthetics school. Just remember that the goal of the program is to launch you into a great career that you are assure to love. If you have a passion, then pursue it. Go out and find the right school for you!.

Choosing a Medical Esthetics School Chicago

Posted on: February 20th, 2014

Medical Esthetics school teaches individuals how to be estheticians, people who specialize in skin care. If skin care is an interest, there are things to consider before choosing an esthetics school.


Things To Consider


ONE: Understanding Skin.

Skin is an organ. Proper skin care can affect a person’s health and their self-esteem. A good esthetics school in Chicago focuses on caring for the skin as an organ. This is important because estheticians can also be found within the medical community.


TWO: Requirements to attend aesthetics school.

To attend esthetics school, a person needs a high school diploma or GED. Many esthetics schools in Chicago and elsewhere offer flexible schedules. This is convenient for people who work or have a family.


THREE: When looking for a school, does the school meet the requirements.

Many states have a requirement that estheticians attend a licensing program that requires at least 600 hours. It is important that those considering esthetics school do their research and make sure the school meets any requirements set forth by the state. Finding out the requirements is relatively easy. Admissions representatives from any esthetics school can give out that information.


FOUR: Understand the school’s philosophy.

Research is a valuable tool. Knowing the school’s philosophy toward its students and the field can give a perspective student insight on whether or not the school is a good fit. Ask to speak with instructors, current students, and graduates of the program.


FIVE: Tuition.

Tuition is a consideration for many people. The total cost for basic license classes is generally around $5,000.00. The good news is that financial aid is generally available to attend an esthetics school. A master’s license can cost almost $10,000.00. Ask whether or not the cost of tuition includes all textbooks, tools, and licensing fees.


SIX: Curriculum.

Curriculum is important. Estheticians do more than use a mud mask. A good esthetics school will design their curriculum to match or exceed the state standards for the field of esthetics.


SEVEN: Learn what the school teaches.

Esthetics school should teach skin analysis, body wraps, waxing, facials, salt glows, different spa treatments, aromatherapy, and make-up application. Those subjects are covered for the basic license. A master license can be earned by taking advanced courses.


EIGHT: Hands-on Experience.

Another important consideration is hands-on experience. Does the esthetics school offer an internship program or an in-house practice program that will allow students to gain experience? It is much easier to obtain employment in the field if the new esthetician has experience.

NINE: Opportunities after School.

Ask to speak with the career services specialist at the esthetics school. Important discussion topics include when and where job leads are posted, job placement, and resumes. Career services can also help an individual learn great interview skills.

The field of skin care is exploding. Picking the right esthetics school is important. It helps to attend an esthetics school held in high regard by the community.


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Enjoy a Great Career as a Massage Therapist

Posted on: February 11th, 2014

As a massage therapist your services are very much in demand. People depend upon the soothing touch of a massage therapist trained at an esthetics school Chicago to lull them back to their ‘old selves’ after those 50 -60 hour work weeks or sports injuries or other accidents have stricken their body with pain. Your hands are a magical tool as a massage therapist, and you certainly provide services that so many could not have without. Becoming a massage therapist is easy, as a massage therapy school Chicago is open now and accepting new students. And, becoming a massage therapist takes only a few short weeks of time so you’re not stuck in school for years on end.

Finding a Massage Therapy School

The web is the best source of information about the many massage school Chicago programs that are out there. You will notice most of the criteria for each school is the same, but the experience is very much different. Compare the schools and what they can offer to you. Also look at the length of time of the course. Many programs can be completed in less than one year of time, but this is not always the case.

What you will Learn

You will learn how to perform a variety of massages in massage therapy school Chicago. You will learn the body’s pressure points, how to touch the body in the right manner for miracles to happen. Both textbook and hands-on training is provided in the school, and once you’ve mastered all of the material you are ready to start your new and exciting career as a massage therapist.

After Graduation

After you complete massage therapy school Chicago you are ready to begin the search for a job. Many massage therapists are self-employed, finding their own clients and setting their own prices. Of course there are also a lot of schools and centers that also need the services of a massage therapist, and so employment can be found within these places as well.

As a massage therapist you are going to earn a better than average pay. The average massage therapist salary is $45,067 annually. There are also lots of bonuses and other benefits that top that salary, making this a career choice that is financially rewarding.

The Bottom Line

Attending a medical esthetics school Chicago could be the best thing that you do with your life. If you are looking for a career with great pay, benefits, growth potential and that is a lot of fun, the massage therapy school should be something that you are looking at today! You are only a short time away from an amazing career.

Looking for a Great Career? Massage School Chicago is the Answer

Posted on: February 11th, 2014

Many of you might be looking at your career right now. Some of you might even be considering massage school Chicago. Those who attend massage school become a very rare and yet, hot commodity. Surveys have shown many benefits of getting a massage. That makes those who attend massage therapy school Chicago is even more beneficial. They have the skills that put others at ease and give others more of relaxing lifestyle.

So let’s look at some of the benefits of having a massage.

For one, those who get massages end up being more aware and alert, than those who don’t get a massage. These are also the individuals who are a lot more relaxed, both inside and out. They tend to be less aggressive and more light. This is a special skill that can be learned in massage school. Once you learn it, you can pass it on to your clients and make them feel special too.

Another benefit to a massage is that it decrease the inclination towards depression and anxiety. Have you taken a look at your anxiety lately? I’ll bet you it’s higher than you realize. If you attend a medical estehtics school Chicago you will learn the skills and techniques to help your clients reduce their anxiety. That will reduce their stress levels and be less likely to be depressed. They will go through life a lot happier and healthier. It’s proven to be more highly effective than those who don’t get regular massages.

Did you know that kids who get massages, while still in the womb, tend to be a lot healthier. They also tend to have more friends and be able to handle life’s challenges with more grace and tact, than those who don’t. Many think that massage school is only for young women and men. But in truth, pregnant mothers need these services too. It will help in the delivery of the baby. It will also aid in the health and welfare of the mother.

There aren’t just physical benefits to this, but mental ones too. So if you are considering a career in massage, than please do consider massage school. It’s a rewarding place to be. It not only fosters your own skill level, but you can help provide life support to your clients too.

Your clients are the most important part of this work and career. So why not make it a place where you will feel rewarded.