Massage Schools – What are they all about?

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Massage Schools – What are they all about?

Posted on: September 29th, 2013

Therapeutic massage therapy is becoming more accepted socially and medically, this is why being in the massage therapy field can be quite a lucrative career. In order for anyone to become a certified massage therapist, they will have to attend courses at a massage school. Chicago in specific has plenty of these schools that people can choose from. Gaining the needed credentials after taking certain exams will make it easier for you to find a job in this field. This is why any prospective candidates who have a passion for helping people heal naturally will find that being certified massage therapists it not only personally satisfying, but also it is very rewarding. This is why there is an increasing number of these schools with more schools opening on a regular basis.

When students enroll in any massage therapy school Chicago, they can expect to find a learning course that can last from three-hundred to well over 1,000 hours of class and clinical work. It all depends on the courses, the topics that the school offers, and the ones that the students pick. There are other degrees that can take up to 2 years such as the Associate in Applied Science Degree for therapeutic massage therapy.  In addition to the practical training, there are other common classes that will cover topics such as medical terminology, physiology, basic anatomy and pathophysiology. There is also business oriented classes such as small business management and human relation which aim to help students understand the business aspect of the career and how to handle it.

Hand-on Experience at an Esthetics School Chicago

Apart from all of these topics, a massage school will give students the chance to get a hands-on training in a wide assortment of therapeutic massage techniques. This includes deep issue massage, reflexology and Swedish massage. There are other advanced courses that some massage schools can offer such as connective tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, Lomi Lomi massage, integrative therapy, aromatherapy massage and hydrotherapy. This is why it is important to check the curriculum of the massage school and the massage techniques it covers before enrolling to make sure that you are taught what you are interested in studying. There are also other elective studies that students can opt to enroll in. This includes essential oils and herbal medicine, which will help them in expanding their knowledge to provide their clients with what they need.

After successfully graduating, the students will be the proud holders of a certificate by the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork). This is not only a piece of paper as according to the Department of Labor of the USA, the job outlook for certified massage therapists who have earned adequate certification and training is quite promising. This is why attending courses at any medical esthetics school Chicago will certainly boost anyone’s chances of getting the job of his or her dreams in the therapeutic massage field.



Why so Many Nurses are enrolling in Massage Schools

Posted on: September 19th, 2013

There are many people in the nursing profession who have the “CMT, RN” designations in their professional credentials, this shows that many of them have taken matters into their own hands and took the initiative to get formal therapeutic massage training so they can become certified massage therapists.

So what would make a registered nurse, which already has a high demand on her, take an additional challenge and earn more credentials by attending a massage school Chicago? There are many reasons that would push nurses to do that. These reasons include the fact that nurses face a great set of issues during their career. This includes the chronic shortage of registered nurses, this is why qualified nurses are recruited and well compensated, but on the other hand, they are forced to work in a stressful and a demanding work environment. This does not seem to be changing anytime soon since the ratio of patients to registered nurses is increasing and while the needed overtime by those nurses to fill that gap is rewarding, it can be quite exhausting. This is why many nurses are burned-out and they quit their profession.

Other registered nurses express their frustration because of their inability to provide a higher level of care to their ill patients and they feel that they are qualified to do so, which is one of the reasons they take courses or attend classes at an esthetics school Chicago in order to be able to provide their patients with such care. Apart from that, many doctors do not believe in their nurses’ capabilities to provide a level of care that can significantly affect the health of the patients as they have little respect for their contributions.

This is why some nurses would want the doctors to allow them to involve more actively in the patients’ care while others take a more hands-on approach to the issue. Although most of them love their job, they quit their nursing career and they decide to help patients deal with their aching pains by opening their own facilities, which helps them to be more involved with the individuals and to contribute more in their recovery.

Although many registered nurses who burn out prefer to leave the healthcare industry as a whole, some of them still prefer to contribute to health care through a different approach, which is therapeutic massage. This is why they attend courses at a medical esthetics school. Chicago, the windy city, has plenty of these schools so nurses who are pursuing a career in massage should not find it hard to find a well-accredited massage therapy school Chicago to attend courses in. It has to be a well-reputed school that has the needed credentials by the Massage Therapy Board of the state as this will add credibility to the degree and will make it easier for nurses to find work at any beauty center, a spa or a massage clinic or open their own.



The Massage School Chicago Campus Life

Posted on: September 11th, 2013

It is a fact that the campus life at any massage therapy school Chicago is not like any other experience that one can expect at any 4-year college campus. The students at the campus are very dedicated to learning the needed skills in order to be able to work and build a successful career in this rewarding and exciting field.

The ages of students that you can see around the campus at any medical esthetics school Chicago are also quite different from regular schools. This is because they include the college graduates and the recent high school students as well as older people who decided to change the line of their work later in their life. This is why it is not surprising to see people in their forties at these schools. It is also worth mentioning that most of the work is carried out off campus, this is because students will need to get a hands-on training on clients, which is done in affiliated clinics and spas. Even the classes will look much different than they do at any higher learning institution.

The campus experience at a massage school will include fieldwork, in order to gain the needed experience as well as numerous classes. The classes cover different topics such as pathology, physiology, kinesiology, body systems and the human anatomy. Some of these topics, such as pathology, might seem unrelated to massage therapy, but it is important because it will help you assess different cases because not everything can be solved by a massage. So it will help you know whether the case at hand needs medical intervention or a therapeutic massage. The curriculum will also include some of the most common massage assessment and therapeutic methods as well as their proper application. Since massage therapy is a business like any other business, students will also learn about the ethical code of the business, the legal practices, the standards and the business practices.

Choosing a Massage School

There are many students across the USA who are experiencing the above mentioned campus life as there are many massage therapy programs and classes in all of the major cities and the small towns. Due to that, it is important to carefully choose the massage school to attend to as that will have a great influence on the success of your career and the ability to find a job. For example, you have to be certain that the massage school that you chose is recognized and approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  After you finish your class hours and finish the curriculum, you will have to take certain exams and two of the most common ones are given by the National Certification Board.

After graduating and earning your degree after taking the exams at any esthetics school Chicago, you will be armed with everything you need in order to work at any clinic or a spa, or even to open up your own business.

Learn the Academics of Relaxation at a Massage School Chicago

Posted on: September 4th, 2013

The increasing demand for qualified spa and massage professionals due to the great number of spas across the United Stated and the world as well as the expanding nature of the field is encouraging more and more people to enroll at massage and spa schools.

Enrolling at any massage therapy school Chicago will provide you with the chance to build a career and to make a living by capitalizing on that consumer demand for wellness and beauty treatments. It does not matter what you are interested in, whether it be massage therapy, homeopathic remedies, physical training or even nail technology, these massage and spa schools will be able to offer you what you need as they have a wide array of curriculum. This way, you will be able to get the training and the curriculum that you need to pursue the spa career of your choice.

According to a survey that was conducted in 2004, which was commissioned by the AMTA (Massage Therapy Association of America), more than 1 out of 5 adults that participated in the survey (21%) stated that they had a massage at least once during the last year. The survey also showed that there are more than 1,135 massage schools that offered education programs that had at least 500 in class hours. This represents an 80% increase from the 628 schools that existed in 2002.

Apart from that survey, massage therapy is quickly becoming a well-acknowledged field in the medical setting. It is even considered to be the preferable course of action in many cases of pain management, rather than the traditional physical or chiropractic therapy. There are also many health care providers that are starting to acknowledge spa and massage therapy.

How Will an Esthetics School Chicago Help Your Career?

The students at these massage schools who graduate and succeed in their career are those who have a passion towards helping other people and love to contribute to the well being of their clients. This is why it is essential to love the field and to love helping people rather than viewing your career from a financial point of view only. Therefore, if you have that passion towards contributing and helping your community, then a medical esthetics school Chicago will help you use that passion in order to build a successful career. Getting a certificate and a degree from a spa school will also make you more credible and will help you land jobs at clinics, physician offices,  hotels, spas and beauty salons .

Some schools will incorporate a very helpful business coursework, which aims to help the students know more about the managerial side of the industry. This is because working at a spa or a beauty center does not only include being a masseuse, as it includes marketing leaders, spa directors, clinic managers and operations managers. This can be quite helpful if you are planning to open your own clinic or center.