How to Choose the Best Massage School Chicago

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How to Choose the Best Massage School Chicago

Posted on: August 23rd, 2013

If you wish to become a massage therapist, then going to a massage school is the first step to achieve your goals. Due to the importance of the massage school Chicago, you will have to choose the right one. Throughout the course of your program at the school, you will be taught a great variety of massaging techniques such as neuromuscular, cross fiber, deep tissue, orthopedic and Swedish massage. It also includes other topics that will have a great and a lasting impact on your future career as a therapist such as anatomy, massage tools and equipment, ethics and physiology among others.

This is why choosing the best school can greatly influence your career and its success. Here are some of the things that you will have to put in mind while choosing your medical esthetics school. Chicago has many schools, so make sure to put these things in mind:

The Experience of the Teacher:

You should take the time and meet the teachers in the massage therapy school Chicago that you think of attending, know about their experience and teaching style. You can even sit at one of the classes so you can form a better picture about the teacher. You can also ask how long have they been teaching and what is their credentials. You can also talk with the students at the school to see how they feel about the program and the teachers. Lastly, you can conduct a simple research online that will help you know more about the school.

The Geographical Location:

Choosing a massage school that is close to you or in the same city is recommendable so you do not have to waste a lot of time and gas money going to it every day.

The State Authorization:

It is important to make sure that the massage therapy board of your state recognizes the esthetics school Chicago. This is because in order to be able to operate in any state, the massage school has to be authorized. The school will be asked to post different documentations that indicate its compliance with all of the mandated guidelines and regulations of the state. You should ask for such documentation if is not pointed out to you.

The Expenses:

You have to be practical because the price of becoming a therapist varies greatly. You have to choose a school that fits within your budget.  You can also check the different financing plans and options that many massage schools offer. You also have to consider the books and the supplies as it is not only about the tuition money.

The Courses:

Different schools provide students with different massage therapy courses. Some schools might offer certain courses that are not what you are interested in. So check the courses and check if they are the ones you want to take.

These are only some of the factors that you have to put into consideration while choosing a massage therapy school to attend.

The Reasons to Attend Classes at a Massage School Chicago

Posted on: August 17th, 2013

There are many reasons that would encourage any aspiring massage therapist to attend classes at a massage school. Chicago has plenty of schools that are available for everyone. Here are three of the main reasons to attend classes at one of these massage schools.

Knowing and Understanding the Human Body:

This is one of the most important reasons because having particular knowledge about the body can be quite helpful to any therapeutic masseuse. It will help in understanding where the tissues for the muscles develop as well as the tissue insertion. This will help you in choosing the best way to massage the muscles and help deal with tissue problems and damage. Throughout your curriculum, you will learn a lot about the anatomy of the body, which will help you, manage the concerns of your clients.

This will also provide you with numerous tips on how to apply the massage on the muscles in order to relieve stress and pain. Apart from the academic study, there are other topics that will be covered such as the ethical guidelines of the profession as well as the legal guidelines, the laws and the policies and everything you need to know, legal wise, if you plan to work for a massage institute or open your own.

Hands on Massage Application:

During your initial application of massage, you can be somewhat uncertain when it comes to using your hands. Practicing massage on your fellow students as well as teachers will allow you to gain the confidence you need so you do not feel uncertain any more.  Some schools might even give you the chance to gain great experience by working with real clients in different massage institutions. All of this hands-on application will help you gain the experience you need so you can start working right off the bat when you get out of the massage school.

Workings Side by Side with Experienced and Professional Teachers:

Being taught by an experienced massage therapist is quite beneficial as he can be a very invaluable resource. These teachers have worked in this field for many years so they have a great experience and they are more than willing to convey such experience to you in any way possible. This includes giving you tips and advices on the massage itself and the interaction with the clients so you can be set to be able to deal with any situation. Whenever you have any concerns or face any problems, you will be able to seek the help of these experienced teachers.  These teachers will also teach you everything you need to know such as massage theories, body anatomy, physiology and kinesiology among other things. These topics will help you understand the body and how can you use this knowledge so you can deal with the different concerns of your clients.

These are only 3 of the main reasons that would encourage any aspiring therapist to attend classes at a massage school Chicago or a  medical esthetics school Chicago has to offer.

Getting the Most Out of the Your Massage School Chicago

Posted on: August 11th, 2013

Massage school is the first step to becoming a great massage therapist. Although the massage school will not actually teach you how to become a great therapist, it will put you on that road. This is why it is important to get the best out of the massage school so you can be equipped with what is needed to become a successful therapist and to open your own clinic by knowing the basics about the profession of massage.

There is more than one available massage school. Chicago alone has numerous schools; the number of schools was increasing rapidly until 2007, but since then the number of massage schools has not been increasing as much. This means that the number of students is much greater than the number of teachers and that the teachers are in low supply. This is why there are many teachers in these schools who do not have any experience; this is why it is important to choose an esthetics school Chicago wisely and to make sure that the teachers have the needed experience and qualifications to teach you about massage.

It is also important to get the most out of your education and training at the massage school. In order to achieve that, you will have to stay out of any drama or anything else that would distract you from your studies, and just focus on the learning process. You have to get as many massages as you possibly can as well as working on as many clients as possible. At any moment if you feel that the teaching you are getting is less than what you need or if you find that it is overwhelming, you can get support by forming a studying group with other fellow students who feel the same or to find an experienced mentor that can help you get the support you need. A good massage mentor will massage you as well as giving you the chance to massage him or her in order for you to be able to get accurate and professional feedback.

You have to ready yourself to face the emotions that will come out during your study. This is because as mentioned above, you will have to get a massage and it is a fact that a professional massage can bring up many of the emotions that you have buried deep in your unconscious mind. If you combine that with having to learn new things such as physiology and anatomy, it will cause a lot of stress and can be quite overwhelming; you do not need to worry because it is a phase that every massage school Chicago student has to go through. So do not give up and get the support you need to face it.

A massage therapy school Chicago would also teach you how to take care of your business and yourself before taking care of the client. This will certainly help you start your own business as soon as you come out of the school.

How will a Massage Therapy School Chicago Help you to become a Great Therapist

Posted on: August 4th, 2013

Going to a massage therapy school Chicago location is the best way to start your career as a massage therapist. This is because such schools will help you understand massage and will help you know all of the different techniques through numerous courses so you can be a great therapist.  The basic curriculum in almost every massage therapy school Chicago includes the following topics:

Anatomy: This includes a very basic introduction to the anatomy of the human body. It will help you learn the scientific terms as well as the bone structure, the cellular anatomy and the different organ systems in the human body.

Kinesiology: It is the study of the operation of the muscles and how they create movement. This is important because understanding how the muscles operate will help you work with the muscles in different conditions. Kinesiology is different from Physiology as the later one studies how the body in general works and how the systems work together and by themselves.

Massage Theory: This will teach you the basic theories for Swedish massage. This includes six different basic techniques and strokes. You are going to know how can the massage affect the body and when and how to implement these techniques to relax the muscles. There are numerous massage types, which have different theories, but knowing the basic techniques will give you a great foundation that you can start with while learning other types of massage and other techniques in the future.

Pathology:  Some might say that they do not need to know about Pathology since they are not doctors but in order to be able to practice safely and to effectively massage your clients, you will have to acquire some basic knowledge about certain diseases.  This is because sometimes, you will need to assess the condition of the client, not diagnose it, so you can determine whether a massage can be helpful in his or her case or not, because massage is not the cure for every muscle problem.

Ethics: This is studied in order for you to be able to build a good relationship with your client. It will help you understand the therapeutic relationship that occurs between you and your clients, and shows how this relationship can help with the healing process.

Business Practices: This topic includes almost fifty hours of training and it is the key to becoming a successful therapist; it has to be combined with strong ethics. This is an essential course because most therapists choose to start their own business after they graduate.

Self Care: It is about putting the ethics alongside the business practices so they can result in a great and a highly successful business that is rewarding spiritually, mentally and financially. Due to the great percentage of burnouts in this profession, the Self Care curriculum is essential to make sure that it does not happen to you.

There are other topics that you can find in any medical esthetics school Chicago but these are the most important ones.