Continuing Education

2017 Massage Therapist CE’s

24 hours of continuing education, including at least 2 hours of ethics
*up to 12 hours of CE credit per renewal may be earned as follows:

*For completion of a self-study course that is offered by an approved sponsor. Each self-study course shall include an examination.

*Credit may be earned for papers prepared and delivered before recognized massage therapy organizations; papers published in nationally recognized massage therapy journals; or a chapter published in a book on massage therapy, each verified.

*First time presentation of an academic course or workshop, seminar, in-service, electronic or Web-based course. Speeches made at luncheons or banquets or any other presentation not within specified guidelines are not eligible for CE credit.

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   (8 CE Hours)  |   Indian Head Massage

Based on the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, this technique has been practiced for over a thousand years.  The massage is calming yet revitalizing, and focuses on the parts of the body most prone to tension and stress: the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp.  Pressure points are stimulated during the massage.  Indian Head Massage encourages the deepest relaxation and can help eyestrain and headaches, improve concentration (by improving blood flow), boost hair health, relieve shoulder tension, increase neck mobility, calm the mind and ease emotional stress.

This technique is delivered with the client fully clothed using a chair or as part of a complete bodywork session using a table.  Oil is recommended but optional for the scalp massage.  For the table segment students may remove upper garments or wear a tank top or spa wrap as oil is applied to the upper arms, shoulders, neck and upper back.  The instructor includes organic Ayurvedic herbal scalp oils from Solavedi.  This blissful technique offers gentle relief from physical ailments in addition to general relaxation.  Great to add to onsite chair massage, for geriatric clients confined to a wheelchair or as a creative ending to a table massage.

What to bring and special instructions:  One set of linens.  Please have clean hair and use no hair products on the day of the class.  If you have long hair, please bring a hair accessory to pull it back.  Dress comfortably.  For the table segment it’s best to bring a tank top or spa wrap to change into.

Saturday, March 4th 9am – 6:00pm

$165 early registration

$185 after February 10th

    (4 CE Hours) |    Facial Fusion Massage
Stress is reflected in the face when facial muscles become tense and tighten. Unconsciously, we contort our face and creases appear across the surface of the skin as the pressures of the day intensify. This class includes a blend of facial massage techniques that are not only relaxing and rejuvenating, but beneficial for reducing the effects of stress, tension and aging that manifest in the appearance and conditions of the face. The treatment includes facial lymphatic strokes, face lift massage techniques, relaxation/rejuvenating strokes of various depths and styles, moist heat applications, hot stone strokes and pressure point stimulation that benefits sinus problems, tension headaches and migraines. Facial massage is an excellent addition to your massage offerings. It can be added in full as a 50-60 minute treatment or in part at the end of a massage therapy session for a pampering conclusion.

Special Instructions & What to Bring: 1 set of linens, 4 washcloths, 2 hand towels, 2 medium size bowls (about 1.5 qt.) to soak washcloths,1 coffee cup, a thermal carafe of hot water, and a Velcro headband (optional). Dress comfortably, wear no makeup (or at the very least no foundation) and preferably no contacts.

Sunday, March 5th 9am – 1:00pm

$80 early registration

$95 after February 10th

    (4 CE Hours)  |  Treating The Feet
Feet function as the body’s shock absorbers and are many times the hardest worked of all body parts. Unfortunately, many of our clients experience foot fatigue on a regular basis and a one hour massage session does not allow enough time to pamper and fully address the issues of the feet.

Learn and experience a specialized 4-part foot treatment employing 4 different products and massage therapies as follows: 1) foot soak with compression, 2) circular effleurage with abrasives, 3) pressure point therapy with foot mask and  4) rejuvenating foot massage with lotion.

Benefits of foot massage include the most basic, it feels good! Clients can experience relaxation as well as pain relief. Other general benefits include stress relief, reduction of tension, improved blood circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system (facilitating the flow of lymph throughout the body), loosening of the feet’s connective tissue to lessen stiffness, and promotion of overall good health. Foot massage can also help fight depression and improve the quality of sleep by helping the body to unwind, which encourages restful sleep.

The client is comfortably seated during this relaxing, 30-40 minute therapeutic process.  It can be offered as an add-on service to a full body massage or it can be a focused session on its own. Add it to your menu of services to increase your income and to further benefit your clients.

What to Bring & Special Instructions: 1 bath towel, 3 hand towels, coffee carafe or pitcher (for warm water rinse), bolster or spa pillow for ankle support, latex or vinyl gloves (optional). Wear loose pants that can be pulled or rolled up and kept out of the water (or a pair of shorts). Bring a pair of clean socks or flip flops to slip on after receiving the treatment.

Sunday, March 5th, 2pm – 6:00pm


$80 early registration

$95 after February 10th

Continuing Education

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