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Massage Therapy Program Questions
Aesthetics Program Questions
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General Questions

Massage Therapy Program

Q. What is a Massage Therapist?

Answer:  A massage therapist is a licensed professional who works to alleviate pain, relieve stress, and improve the health and well being of their clients by the mobilization of the soft tissue including skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.

Employment opportunities for Massage Therapists include working in Chiropractic offices, Dentist’s offices, Day Spas, Salons, Cruise Ships, Hotels, or starting their own business.

Q. Why do you include a FREE massage table with the massage therapy program?

Answer: Because you need it. The only way you can become a great massage therapist is with practice, practice, practice. You will have plenty of clinic instruction, but we want you to practice outside of class. Practice all the time. So, no more excuses about not being able to afford a massage table. We’re giving it to you. Now practice.

Q.  NCBTMB or the MBLEx?

As of 2015, the MBLEx exam is the only licensing exam for Illinois.

Q. Are there prerequisites for your massage therapy program?

No, there are no prerequisites for entering into the massage therapy program. We teach everything from the ground-up. If a student has a background in science, that is wonderful but not necessary.

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Aesthetics Program

Q. What is an Aesthetician?

Answer: A licensed professional who recommends and practices skin care and the use of treatments for beauty and health.  An Aesthetician works with the skin and carries out different manual and mechanical skincare treatments to maintain and improve the aesthetic condition of face and body. They also are licensed and trained to perform body treatments, make-up application, hair removal, Microdermabrasion and light chemical peels.

Employment opportunities that are available to qualified Aestheticians include those in day spas, medical spas, brow bars, as a make-up artist, wax bars, as an instructor or working for yourself. Physicians such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists utilize aestheticians in their practices. Lucrative careers can also be found in the sales and marketing of skin care products and equipment.

Q.  What is Aesthetics?

Answer: Aesthetics is a branch of science that deals with the overall health and well-being of the skin, the largest organ of the human body.  Aestheticians are skin care specialists and consultants that perform facials and facial massage, manually and with the aid of machines. They are also skilled in waxing, peels, Microdermabrasion, and makeup application.

Q.  “Aesthetics or Esthetics?

Answer:  Both spellings lead to the same place, State licensure. The medical definition of a skin therapist is spelled with an “A” (aesthetician) and we feel that it is the proper way for what we are teaching the students in our skin therapy program. However, it is the personal choice of each school to spell it as they wish.

Q. Thinking of taking an aesthetics program at a cosmetology school?

Answer: Generally speaking, student’s who seek out USTA’s aesthetics program are not interested in joining a hair school for aesthetics. Cosmetology schools tend to have greater focus on hair than anything else and if the programs are run like a hair program then students start about every month (open enrollment) and it may become a never ending circle of students jumping in and jumping out. It allows for maximum students and maximum profit but minimal instruction. You will generally see this at Cosmetology or Spa Institute schools that offer aesthetics. Everyone runs their schools differently but at Universal Spa Training Academy, we have 5 classrooms and 3 clinics dedicated to aesthetic training.

Q. Thinking of attending an unaccredited school?

Answer: Please visit our accreditation information page by clicking here.

Q. Tell me more about True U for laser certification?

Answer: Universal Spa Training Academy has always been a leader in the advancement of aesthetics and skin care education. Since 2006, we have graduated over 500 aesthetics students with an average school placement rate of 86%. Within the industry, the tides are already shifting and the importance of advanced training for a beginning aesthetician is crucial. True U has an outstanding reputation for advanced education and under the leadership of Terri Wojak, USTA is proud to associate our brand with True U.

Q. What is the Dermalogica Apprenticeship Program?

Answer:The Dermalogica Apprenticeship Program:  The recently graduated student that has not yet sat for their state boards is placed in a Dermalogica Spa after going through a series of classes at the International Dermal Institute. The skin therapist will work with the Dermalogica Business Consultant in the area in which she/he would like to work.  This ensures that the skin therapist is trained to the level at which she/he can be a valued and successful employee without the learning curve often associated with a new job in a new industry.

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Multi-Licensed Discount Program

Q. What does it mean to be Multi-Licensed?

Answer: Spas and salons have moved toward a trend in the industry where they do not want to hire someone who can just do nails or someone who can just do massage. They are looking for individuals who are licensed to do more than one service. That is what it means to be multi-licensed. Our discount program recognizes this trend and makes it affordable for students to become multi-licensed.

Q. Let’s say, for example, I graduated from your aesthetic program a year ago and now want to enroll in your massage therapy program. You’re saying that I will automatically get 10% off of tuition for the massage program.

Answer:  YES, and don’t forget the free massage table.  And if you decide to enroll for a 3rd program, you’ll get 25% off. We want you to be a successful and sought after employee. The best way to achieve this is by becoming multi-licensed. The entire purpose of our discount program is promoting the importance of securing a year round income by providing different services to clients.

Q. You say that I have 3 years from the time of graduation to come back to the school and enroll in my next program. Why 3 years?

Answer:  Some graduates chose to enter their respective industry and work for awhile before deciding to gain another licensure. Others enroll in consecutive programs. Either way, we know that it is not a simple decision to make. By offering the discount up to two (3) years after graduation, it gives all of our graduates, regardless of circumstance, the opportunity to understand the industry and choose their own career path.

Our programs and educators are focused on preparing you for state licensure and career development. We want our students to come back to us. In order to show our appreciation to them, we’ve established our Multi-License Discount Program to all graduates of the school.

Q. Does it matter what programs I sign up for first?

Answer:  Not at all. The choice is completely up to you. All we require is that you sign up for your next program within 3 years of your graduation.

Q. Is the discount only for my 2nd and 3rd programs?

Answer:  Yes. Your first program’s investment will be at full price. However, our program tuition’s are competitive, if not lower, than other area schools. Also, our programs include many areas of study that other schools will charge extra for.

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General Questions

Q. Are you accredited?

Absolutely! Accreditation is one of the most important aspects of a reputable school. USTA and all of its programs are nationally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

Q. Do you offer career placement assistance?

Answer:  Absolutely! USTA has built great relationships with area spas and practitioners. We are always being notified of job openings for our students and we also have a busy job board. The job board is also available online for students to access during and after graduation. All graduates also become part of the job distribution list that lets students receive bi-weekly job alerts.

Q. What is your clinic?

Answer: Student clinic will be held throughout the week plus Saturdays and will give students an opportunity to practice in a spa like environment while gaining experience and confidence with their new skill sets.  The clinic will offer spa services at discounted prices and be open to the public.   

Q. What are state boards? 

Answer: The state boards are tests that are given by the state of Illinois in order to protect the public and regulate chosen professions.  It is a multiple choice exam that tests the student’s skills for their protection as well as for the consumer. Massage Therapy students will take a national certification exam: the MBLEx exam.

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