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Skills are the currency of the job market, you get a paycheck in exchange for the skills you use in your job. As an aesthetician, massage therapist or instructor student, you will be trained in the latest techniques and disciplines expected of new graduates entering the job market. Included in every program, USTA’s career classes are dedicated to making sure students not only have the skill set and knowledge base to compete for jobs but the technical skills necessary to beat the competition when interviewing for jobs.

In 2015 (latest reporting year), Universal Spa Training Academy achieved the following rates for its students:

Completion: 90.8%
Licensure: 100%
Placement: 81.9%

Choosing the right school for your education is very important. Click here to read about the importance of attending a school that has achieved national accreditation and what it means for your education.

Also included in this career Center section, you will find information on:
1. Business Classes
2. Success Stories from our graduates
3. Testimonials from past graduates

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"Universal Spa Training Academy was a great stepping stone in my life with great memories that I will never forget."

Ms. Emily S.
USTA Graduate

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