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Although we are serious about the education, we do not take ourselves too seriously. At Universal Spa Training Academy, we strive to deliver more than just education to our students. We are an available resource to the student; before, during and after their tenure.

USTA is a skin care and bodywork school where students come from different backgrounds and age groups but all with a common goal; to find an education worthy of the money they are being asked to spend. We compliment the educational experience with a relaxed learning environment that makes the student feel comfortable and welcome, ready to learn…

Always remember that when your interviewing,
first impressions are everything.
Be Ready in Mind..Body..Spirit


To stay focused on school and what is truly important in life, all students have FREE use
of our meditation room.


How you feel on the inside directly relates to how you present yourself on the outside. Presenting the best first impression to a potential employer can be the difference between getting the job or not. At USTA, all students have FREE use of our fitness center where the preparation can begin.


Spirit is who you are as a person and what attracts other people to you (including employers). Yoga creates a healthier spirit, lessens stress and creates a more focused student in the classroom. All students have FREE use of our yoga studio and yoga classes.

Academy Life

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"Universal Spa Training Academy was a great stepping stone in my life with great memories that I will never forget."

Ms. Emily S.
USTA Graduate

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